Rue benefit or danger?

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Today I want to share with this community a topic of a medicinal plant that I have surprised, because his use is frequent in almost all the homes of Venezuela. This plant is known as Rue.

The Rue or herb of turkey-buzzard is of the family of rutaceae, is an original plant of Europe and Asia, grows of erect form and with an estimated time it reaches 60 cm of height, comes to it was observing woody. The sowing of her is across seeds and stakes, his germination happens soon and can be given in gardens and gardens; his production of leaves is abundant. In his leaves they are observed of green yellowish color, with small flowers in terminuses and have yellowish petals. This shrub adapts to several types of climates and soils, is for it that is observed in the great majority of the Venezuelan homes.

This plant produces a smell and strong flavor, his conservation is very easy because there are not known plagues or diseases that affect the same one and by it the use of pesticides is not needed, in addition it is not suitable because in the leaves any residue can stay his fumigations and these are destined for the consumption across tea. To the moment to gather the leaves it must be done in the fresh hours where it sprayed of the morning it has finished.

The principal destination of this plant is to stimulate the digestive system, to relieve nervous disorders; the grandmothers in his moment were using it as purgative and diuretic.

Nevertheless, this plant must be used with great care, since, it is abortive and a causer of deformations in him baby, in addition if several times are consumed a day it can be toxic causing diarrhea and vomit. His properties allelopathic are well-known and his oils are destined to the perfumery

note. There is not advisable the consumption of the above mentioned plant in women who are in stage pregnant.