In the search for something, which for me is uncertain // Reflection

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There are days in which I feel confused, because despite appearing to be alone,
I find my thoughts. Good and bad memories pass through my mind,
it is my decision to erase them or allow them to persist in it.

One day being in that controversy, I decided to listen to my inner voice,
the one I had ignored so many times, but it was time to pay attention and agree to listen to it.
It was at that moment that I could stop to reflect,
understanding that I have been thinking about the future for a long time;
without being able to live the present fully. That every action that I execute,
I do it so that others like it; No matter if I like me and try to solve all
the problems but abandoning my own reality.

That is why I decided to surround myself with people who respect me,
admire me and motivate me; Those people who transmit to you and infect
you with their optimism, people who smile despite the fact that there seems to be no reason.
From there, I began to understand the power of a smile and the word;
accepting that everything that is said or spoken has an impact on someone,
either positively or negatively. In my case, I made a commitment to be an individual
who would allow only "caresses" to escape through his mouth,
through a smile or a wise word.

Accept that in life we ​​are for a purpose of obtaining victory and not defeat;
Even when it seems that we lost, we will go through experiences that will help
us grow as people and be like that gold garment made by the goldsmith, strong and unique.

After so much searching, I could understand that my emptiness only filled
something internal, supernatural and intangible; that exists in each one of us.

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