Care of a woman // Tips

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The women we are the most beautiful creation on this land, are capable of persuading more of one always to our favor, or perhaps it was not for a woman that Adam key in the sin. Nevertheless, since women we have to always of looking after ourselves to be agreeable in view of third parties, these elegant ones they initiate from the simpler thing that they are our hands.

The hand of a woman always they demonstrate tenderness, fondness and purity, due to it today I want to share with you a tips that always I use for the care of my hands, as comment to them in my presentation I am manicurist and this "art" brings with it certain disadvantages due to the chemists' excessive use my nails manage to break, due to it I use every day this treatment, which consists of applying on my hands Firstly a wetting cream with essence of coconut that helps to give smoothness and to nourish my skin, in addition it allows to acquire the necessary vitamins, then I apply in the nails an enamel of sheen (that has been prepared previously).

To the enamel of sheen of nails that it mentions I add 2 teeth of well squashed garlic, 15 droplets of lemon and a tablet of vitamin And to give him force to the nails, this enamel I apply it every day in order my nails it is keep always beautiful.