The Thorned Princess

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Health, peace and union, dear Steemians!
I´ll drop by a few verses born from the situation in UDO, the highest house in which I was schooled and, as a reflect of the collapse of Venezuela, has fallen into disgrace.
I published the version in Spanish a few months ago. I hopw you forgive my basic English.

The Thorned Princess

The maiden who rose the creed,
provoques shivers in the present time.
The Princess, the eastern star, the most wanted,
today, is beaten, silent and forlorn.
Her prostration is fully felt.

Everyone took advantage of her,
looked for a shelter
and so found it in her.
She opened her kind, warm, tender arms.

She breast feeded everybody.
She gave her own flesh to them.
Then, like beasts, they took away her wealth,
ripped her jewlery
they parted her decorations,
sucked all her sage,
pressed the vital juice
and drank all her sacred honey.

Those who were severely punished by her
are pleased on her corruption today.
Those who were wisely rejected by her judgement
have feast on her wrecks.


Your children have left you behind.
The predators have pushed you aside.
Everybody gives you cold shoulder.
Everyone is looking for a new El Dorado.

Everybody´s property.
Humilliated by all, loved by no one.

Where are your children?
Where are the one thousand hopes
you housed in your womb, breast feeded?
Why don´t they come back to save you?
Do they think they owe you nothing?
Aren´t they touched by your suffering?
Why do they evade your sight and ignore your begging and your sorrowful screaming?

If the invaders were forced to return the tresures,
if all your sons and daugthers come back,.
If those you have ever feeded give back all what they took from you
your present time would be enlightened
and nothing would blow your flame away again.

Thanks your for reading