Avocado // Miraculous fruit

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Hi friends, today I want to share some information that maybe some of you know, but I found it interesting to refer to this important platform.

I must tell you about the avocado, a name that is known in Colombia and other Latin American countries, or avocado as it is called in Peru. It is a fruit that is consumed in salads, sauces and as garnish in some countries; He is also credited with medicinal properties.

In my family, consumerism almost every day due to medical recommendations made to my parents, since the intake of this fruit helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases; Thanks to that they contain omega 3 and omega 6.

One of the curiosities of this fruit is that the highest medicinal content is found in the seed; which is toasted and scratched so as to place it on salads, soups and any type of food. In this way, the rate of suffering from breast and prostate cancer is lowered and it is also a coadjuvant for cell aging.

We can say that, being a fruit of exquisite flavor, we must incorporate it into our daily diet; thus gaining important nutritional values ​​for our body.

Until next time friends, blessings.

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