The promiscuity // a serial killer

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As human beings when we initiate ourselves in sex, in most cases we do it irresponsibly; since if you are the male child of the family you will be pushed to "acquire experience" at an early age, as it happens in many Latin countries. Originating a behavior in the masculine gender, called promiscuity.

Which is to have different sexual partners at the same time or make changes of partners in a short time; behavior that has been adopted equally by women, in a high percentage in recent years.

We must understand that any behavior or behavior that is not within the parameters or rules of society will bring negative consequences to our life and in the case of promiscuity will affect our health.

Consequences for leading a promiscuous life:
-When we talk about promiscuity, we must understand that it is the one most responsible for the spread of sexually transmitted diseases; These are often fatal, as is the case of cervical cancer and endometrial cancer.

-It is necessary that we have notion as men, that being promiscuous we run the risk of being carriers of the human papilloma virus, virus responsible for causing (not being controlled) uterine cancer and that not being detected in time can cause death in the patient.

When faced with judgments and signaling by society, we will only say that we always protect ourselves when we have sex with different partners; but as I study more about the human papillomavirus I am surprised to know that the use of condoms or condoms is not 100% safe; since this virus is lodged in all genitals and only with contact in sexual relations can be transmitted to the couple.

It is important to understand that men, being infected with the human papilloma virus, do not show symptoms of having any disease, only in some cases there are some warts in the penis, around the glans.

All the aforementioned is a reason to conclude by expressing that promiscuity is a serial killer; since depending on the number of couples you have you can get to infect more people, causing death in many cases.