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RE: I could have you and with your hug calm the cold... | Reality of life | Forbidden love | Original Poetry by @nachomolina | (ENG)

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I love the repetition of the line 'I could have you and with your hug calm the cold' - and the line about nipples and salt! There's much of this poem that's a mystery, but some really stand out lines that resonate. The speaker is clearly full of desire but unable to enact it - he sounds quite threatening at times too, and desperate. I like the way these emotions come out in the poetry.


Brother, thank you very much!
I am glad you liked my work, because of the way you have described it I see that you have reviewed it very well.
That is very encouraging for me!
I will continue to search for a new phrase, a new theme. People like you manage to motivate users in a great way!
From now on, I will follow your user to visit your blog in the same way ...

Thanks. Im a sister ;p

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