Right now, every Engrave user have one blog... But previously if you wanted to interact with for example another blog, you had to log in into it specifically. Now, after this change - if you log in on your blog, you will be logged in on any other automatically.

It's working similar to Google authentication. You just need to login into your Gmail account, and you can use Calendar, Keep etc. Much, much more user-friendly :)

Awesome! :)

Excellent work!

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Can you comment the link of your Engrave blog?

  • I want to visit it, to see what it looks like.

Mine is

I just started. It won't be a super dynamic blog. It will work as the official site for my karate club.
I'll post some articles I usually integrate in the club newsletter. Let's see how it goes :)

Great! Will try to support you. Maybe some kind of custom template for your karate blog? :)

Thanks @rmach 😊👍🏻

Sure, you can visit it here: Engrave Blog. And here you can find much more blogs created by our users:

The latest blog was created by me, for @emaferice, and under the domain:

I clicked on the link on your site, listing as the latest blog, but it gave me a warning, saying that the site is not secure.

I clicked "Proceed anyways", and it sent me to a different blog, not

Also, when I visit, it doesn't go to a Splash page for my wife's new @engrave blog, but goes to the homepage instead.

Is all of this normal? @engrave

No, I will take a look at it right now :)

It looks like you fixed it @engrave thank you 😊👍🏻

My pleasure!