As of February 15, 2010 Steem Inc is sold to Justin Sun, founder of Tron.

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Steem New Future in my humble opinion.

I can’t control other people's decisions, but I can only assure my own action.

  • I will stay on Steem blockchain.
  • I will continue to witness, curate and upvote.
  • I will continue to buy more steem.
  • I stayed when Steem cost between $2 - $3 to power up my steem power.

We can finally begin working as true decentralized blockchain without the dependency to Steemit Inc (not Steem Blockchain).

Don’t swap your Steem token. As of writing this post, we don’t know the main objective of token swap to Tron. Stay tuned and enjoy the ride of a better steem future.

Use where no ads, no down votes allowed. Freedom of Speech for everyone, wherever you are, any topics, including politics and religion. Just having fun and enjoy life.

Keep steeming.

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My account isn't worth much, and it's all what I've earned (no pay-in), but I'll stick with it. The recent improvements give me hope.

No downvoting? I'm not sure I can side with that. I've seen posts that deserve to be downvoted because they're crap - which is separate from content that needs to be flagged (trolling, flaming, plagiarism, etc.).

This is why the community should upvote only the authors that deserve to receive the rewards. You can also use "MUTE" the offending user so you don't have to bother again. In this way, you only see the good vibes of our community and stress free environment. Come check us at website.

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Sounds nice, but how do you make sure that voting cliques don't form and upvote each other's garbage messages?

@kennyskitchen provided a detailed update, read it here.

Great analysis.
Steeming will continue, we are steem blockchain.

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I'm a bit confused. You say that on Steeming, there s no downvoting allowed - but I saw a concealed comment and it has been downvoted by mack-bot. I'm guessing it means that the comment was flagged in Steemit? Butt hen...why is there a button for downvoting ?

Is there a way any platform that uses STEEM blockchain can be totally independent of Steemit?

I logged in using my steemit name and pw, so... do I need o register for posting there?

Sorry or being a pain in the nether regions, but I am genuinely curious.

PS: I've noticed you voting my posts, so thank you for that also... even if it all goes elsewhere, I try to pretend the votes are in recognition of my amazing writing skills :)

In about a week I will have end my posting in that acount and my story posts will be in the next account: #arthur.grafo13 rides using steem blockchain, you can use your existing account to start posting.

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Why is there a downvote button if no downvotes are allowed

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It will be remove in our next code update.

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Come check the website again at downvote button is now removed. I will post a separate announcement later today.

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@yehey, this post was 10 days ago, you haven't been present here since, nor have you been to your own server in Discord.
What is going on?

Very much active, just busy working on website. Thanks for checking.

I guess I'll leave that discord server then. Thanks for letting me know @yehey

No problem. Cheers to you.

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I just went to the Steeming link you posted above. Looks like another Steemit front end, but it won't let me sign in

Yes, using the same condenser code with some additions. I just re-login working just fine using my posting key.

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