No News, but EOS is back: And so the games.

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Last Year I was writing articles about EOS Dynasty and Crypto Sword and Magic. Those games were the first to experience how fast I can ROI while playing a game and having fun at the same time. Suddenly, I could not play those games anymore, and everything on my EOS account was blocked. I was super angry that I could not even unfreeze my EOS, everything seemed locked, and I could not get out of that mess. Of course, I could buy more EOS, and so being able to buy out everything that was locked. But I didn't, because a Blockchain has to work. No matter what.

So the EOS congestion we had made it impossible for me to get back into those games in last Year's 4th quartal. A few days ago, while exciting around for League of Kingdoms (and here really, again, if you like such games, join us - It will become massive!), I installed their Crypto Sword and Magic back on my device, to see if it works. And yeah, the issues seemed to be gone. So I was happy to rejoin games such as EOS Dynasty and Crypto Sword and Magic.

And now I'm again excited about DappStats. After they started with Tron Dapps statistics, they also implemented ETH and IOST. EOS is on the way, and from what I've heard, it's right around the next corner.

So I hope we can welcome a new and more stable EOS in the future since the update released back in January of this Year to EOSIO v. 2.0.0 seems to work well and brings the needed performance.

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From the Community, for the Community: DApps.Buzz

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