It’s funny you’re still here. You powered down all your Hive and all you do is talk shit about Hive, if you dislike it so much leave. It’s like watching the Peter Schieff of crypto. Why don’t you get a life, you’re not relevant here anymore. You’re a ghost with zero power.

Peter Schiff is great though. He's just narrow minded with Bitcoin, otherwise, a true libertarian. Also a great economist.

People criticize him for always being doom and gloom, but if you look at his investment funds, he's been on point with emerging markets stocks and of course gold and mining stocks.

It’s fucking hilarious you think owning hive gives you “power”. Imagine if you would have dumped for BTC months ago like I did.

Maybe then you wouldn’t be some poor washed up wannabe poker player jerking off nobodies for a little attention. Sad man.

I think this is a very valid opinion. I also think not as many people who think it will write it. And those that write nice things, may just be optimistic.

lol, just out of curiosity why are you so bitter? Not a fan of ass kissing either, but he did create the chain that led to this chain, I'm not surprised or annoyed that people respect him a little bit even if he did jump ship.

If hive is so shit, why come back just to be Just as pathetic to just be a troll ffs. When your not being a hateful person you are alright but come on, you powerdown all your stake and then what want to put off people coming here.

Because I was right. Again. Go fuck yourself nobody douche.

Clearly you have some issues, being hateful for no reason. I hope one day you can get help with healing what ever made you this nasty.