My Resignation from CTO of

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I have worked with Brendan and for the past 4 years and am proud of the EOSIO software I was able to create and launch with the help of an extremely talented group of engineers. Alas, all good things must come to an end. As of December 31, 2020 I have resigned my position as CTO of

I will continue on my mission to create free market, voluntary solutions for securing life, liberty, property, and justice for all. I do not know exactly what is next, but I am leaning toward building more censorship resistant technologies. I have come to believe that you cannot provide “liberty as a service” and therefore I will focus my attention on creating tools that people can use to secure their own freedom.

I wish the best with their future endeavors.

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Please verify the authenticity of this message. It is very suspect to think a company like Block One wouldn't make an official announcement about this before you. It also doesn't make sense that you would post here instead of the other channels (like your blog) you've been posting on more consistently. No activity since October, and then two blogs posts (to make the account seem legitimate?) and now this? On a weekend? Seems like FUD. Post on your blog or on your Voice account or even Twitter (which I know you said you left).

Edit: looks like you just did. Thank you.

It's either dan or someone with his keys. I'm willing to bet that Dan keeps his keys secure.

Bring back all the devs to hive please. We have something important going on here. The job of EOS is being taken care of by ETH and 500 other blockchains.

They are already here. The guys who helped launch EOS have a significant overlap with Hive.

Good to know!

With Parler being cancelled from AWS, he obviously remembered how important censorship resistance is!

lol I told him to come casually in his twitter comments.. He doesn't know me but I guess it worked 🤣

or maybe he just needs the money :-P

OMG! 4th DPOS blockchain is coming!

Maybe he will become a full time Hive dev now :)


Your savior has left yet again!! Time to gather your herd of sheep and follow!!

the only douche I can see is you. Go away idiot.


Hopefully with your potential focus on censorship resistant technologies, that will include using your considerable industry influence to support all kinds of projects, as there can't just be one solution, it has to come from many sources. The blockchain and crypto industry is just finding its feet, so I hope that the internal chain rivalries can be replaced by collaboration to compound the participation rate.

While liberty might not be possible as a centralized service, a multitude of diverse services with the core tools enabling freedoms, distributes the risk considerably. Hopefully the tools you focus on support the underlying infrastructure, so that the end users above get the benefits of making the change over from what they know, whilst still maintaining some familiarity for ease of transfer into a better way. Small steps over time will create a sustainable environment for large paradigm shifts in the collective psyche.

All the best for your future endeavors.

Could you possibly suck his dick any harder?

You suck since 2017 and you havent changed. Go and seek help at the psychiatrist.

Hi, Dan. Glad you came to your senses and started using Hive again - the best blockchain for all of your social media and gaming needs!

Whatever your next project is, can you please airdrop some of those fabulous tokens on all Hive users who are holding HIVE Power? That would be most excellent!

Thanks, buddy! I'll see you around here! Hope we can have some conversations again, like we did way back in 2016!

Don't forget to tell all of your friends on Twitter and other social media apps about Hive! If you get a chance, also check out @dlux-io and the website...they're building a decentralized layer 2 for Hive that should be ready for launch by April!


no, YER cringe!

I appreciate the effort!

Always be hustling, bro! amirite?

Go fuck yourself Dan. On to the next worthless scam token!!

P.S. - All you cocksucking sheep are fucking pathetic.

It’s funny you’re still here. You powered down all your Hive and all you do is talk shit about Hive, if you dislike it so much leave. It’s like watching the Peter Schieff of crypto. Why don’t you get a life, you’re not relevant here anymore. You’re a ghost with zero power.

Peter Schiff is great though. He's just narrow minded with Bitcoin, otherwise, a true libertarian. Also a great economist.

People criticize him for always being doom and gloom, but if you look at his investment funds, he's been on point with emerging markets stocks and of course gold and mining stocks.

It’s fucking hilarious you think owning hive gives you “power”. Imagine if you would have dumped for BTC months ago like I did.

Maybe then you wouldn’t be some poor washed up wannabe poker player jerking off nobodies for a little attention. Sad man.

I think this is a very valid opinion. I also think not as many people who think it will write it. And those that write nice things, may just be optimistic.

lol, just out of curiosity why are you so bitter? Not a fan of ass kissing either, but he did create the chain that led to this chain, I'm not surprised or annoyed that people respect him a little bit even if he did jump ship.

If hive is so shit, why come back just to be Just as pathetic to just be a troll ffs. When your not being a hateful person you are alright but come on, you powerdown all your stake and then what want to put off people coming here.

Because I was right. Again. Go fuck yourself nobody douche.

Clearly you have some issues, being hateful for no reason. I hope one day you can get help with healing what ever made you this nasty.

Could you perhaps look into the accounts;
Which were created during your days on the former chain, and maybe find out who has the keys?

...asking for friends.

Probably owned by noganoo or one of the other early name farmers.. :/

You’ll never get them. Moron.

Wasn't tryna... just wanted you to chime in for everyone to see...

Can't believe this is true. However, I will all in for your next project. ^_^

Good luck in whatever you take on next.

There is NO question the market is in need of decentralized, free speech social media and even advertisements. It's only going to get worse from here without other solutions.

It seems pretty unlikely to me that Dan made this post himself for various reasons. Before sharing this further, please consider the possibility of this being fake.

#edit: seems after all this was in fact Dan.

why would you assume Dan wouldn't use Dan's account to do Dan things.

That's insane.


When !drama?

There's a comment by @lukestokes on this page that explains some reasons why one could consider the possibility why this post could maybe not come from @dan.

However, I was wrong (see my #edit in the comment). It seems I'm wrong more often than not lately, so I guess I'm just learning at a faster pace these days :)

It's dan's account, and Dan quits projects when he feels his part of it is done and he comes to Hive/steem when he wants to bounce ideas around>

I say Luke is incorrect.

Let them their price pump, many small people need it

why do you think he lost his keys?

Excited to see what you've got planned for the future. We're living in an age where free speech is completely under attack and it's going to be up to folks capable of developing new tools to combat against this sort of stuff.

Glad to see you posting on here again as well.

Cheers Captain!

Get your tongue out of his asshole @klye.


I thought you'd moved on to greener pastures?
How dare anyone lick asshles that isn't yours? lol

Good to still see you around as well ngc. bahahahah

Why not build here, invest here and bring some friends here? I actually disagree with you on a lot of things but you are a huge asset in the space and we are probably your best choice and the place where you will get the most love (2 top posts in once day? There aren't many who could pull that off :-P) I hope Vitalik comes along and you can continue your sparring on Hive :-D

No Ned please....

Thanks for the update Dan. Wish you the best of luck and looking forward to reading your future posts on Hive.

Happy New Year!

Ass licker.

I guess that explains your presence here. So, what's your next pump and dump project?


Exciting news both for you personally and for as a company! Best of luck with your endeavors, you seem to have a solid plan. Let me know if you're up for any collaborations in the future. Aside from developing @deegramofficial on hive, I do consultancy and the industry needs more experts like you. My best regards and best of luck to the path onwards!

Always great to hear from you, mate. Looking forward to whatever you get up to next.

Happy New Year Dan.

So what's your plan now. Do you want to contribute on Hive or you have something else on mind.

Good to know you’re back on here!

All the best with your next project, I can imagine all you've learned from each one gives you new ideas and strategies to try out

Another one bites the dust. Whatever happens and how many times you quit the project your creations are all still alive (bts, steem, EOS), all are left with their own problems but are still alive, some are bought, centralized and ruined but still alive. That says a lot, "proof of Daniel Larimer". Your blockchains are hard to put down.

Historically right before you quit Steem years ago that year Steem had it's all time high, will the same happen to EOS? Time will tell, crazy bull year is here, everything is possible.

Cheers to the next adventure you embark on.

Hive is quite the ecosystem for so many begins.

we all have liberty within when we choose to access it. Liberty on the outside will always be vulnerable to the whims of those around us (usually those in power, but sometimes it might be those closest to you!)
Continue to further your inquiry @dan . It sounds like you have already realised that you can not peddle freedom and so much the better for your own peace of mind! Invent for inventions sake, free from expectation, free from desire. deepest acceptance, ultimate furtherance. you got this! :)

That's a big step. I hope you consider building on hive since it already has a good headstart. Wish you the best in your future projects.

Life is what it is, all the best for the future.

Looking forward to your next mission!!

I must admit I am sad to hear this news and I believe it is not a good day for EOS as a whole but I wish you luck with your future endeavours. Please keep us posted here on Hive as to what they are.
Having to work within all the regulatory constraints that blockchain was supposed to get rid of must have been quite frustrating. Going back to basics seems like a good call and I'll be watching with interest.

Also can you please cut the bullshit about freedom of speech, decentralization etc etc? You use twitter more in one day that you have used hive and steemit combined in your life. All you care for is infinite money.

He just left twitter two days ago.


Quitted my ass. It's just an act.

And maybe his resignation from Block One is also an act.

FREEDOM is the core spirit of BLOCKCHAIN and OPEN SOURCE world.

Good luck Dan!


I think at this time Hive is the best place to be to make a change. To run a node is cheaper than ever before, community and decentralization are bigger than ever before.

The vision is big. the opportunity is big.

What I would love to see? Someone like you that knows a lot about Blockchain can help to build the future of Hive and the future of freedom of speech.

I'm not sure you are up to date, but here is more noise and development than ever before.

Biggest Dapps are already here and we move on.

Would be cool to see you are a part of it.

Did you eat paint chips as a child? Cause goddamn, you’re retarded.

nope but more people building on hive are always good.

If he does is on another paper. Only for PR would be good too.

Don't get your point. If we tell everybody hive is bullshit, I don't think that would be a good reason to be here.

So what's your point?

Nice to see Dan again here, you're a great man behind the great projects. Happy New Year Dan

Keep doing great things out here man!

Thanks for sharing

You are welcome to join the Telos dev team!
Telos is a smart implementation of EOSIO

You know I have been here since the beginning of Steemit, and your evolution has led to Telos.. All of the decentralized community is on Telos with the door wide open for you bro.

The best is yet to come, you should feel proud of everything you have achieved. Best wishes for your new adventures. God bless every step you take.

Hey @dan why do you believe liberty as a service is impossible. You created eosio and we are seeing an infinite number of variations of it being deployed with all different flavors of governance. Isn't liberty the ability to choose?

I mean only that you cannot depend upon someone else to give you liberty. He that giveth can take it away.

'You can never ask another man for freedom, freedom is something that must be taken.' Malcom X.

Welcome to Hive.

My Resignation from CTO of

Sell your EOS and buy Hive.

Why did it took you 10 days to post?

@dan I still want to see a blockchain with a constitution ✍🙂
You should propose your ideas in koinos. It is still in development, a rough diamond. And your old teammates are there, mvandeberg and theoretical.

Shocking! Happy to see you here on Hive and looking forward to what you're cooking up on censorship resistant! Happy New Year Dan!

"liberty as a service" seems to not be possible because liberty is not a service and it is not a right as seen by the recent events in our lovely American HQ
Liberty is earned through merit and that is my one peso as I read through some good comments , some funny ones as well

La verdad en estos casos nos inspira a crear mas confianza en nosotros mismos, saludos.

Dan, get real, this is HIVE, not STEEMIT!

This is open source! Look no further! Stop trying to reinvent the wheel! You've got everything to build on right here and it's open and democratic. You can now do what you wanted to do on STEEMIT but couldn't! Roll up you sleeves and get goin'!

The window of opportunity is closing rapidly. You don't have time to start from scratch. 😐

Can anyone help me sell my EOS!? It's stuck in my atomic wallet.

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