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EpicDice is a decentralized gaming platform built on top of Steem blockchain with absolute transparency and fairness. Join the most epic fun today!

Since the introduction of the epic EPC betting system, good things kept on happening on the EpicDice platform as follows:

  • Over 1000 STEEM has been won away by EPC bettors via Prize Pool! House directly sponsored this funding from its pocket no matter how well/bad the platform is doing.
  • Over 14 million EPC tokens have been burnt! That occupies a handsome ratio of 4.12% of total circulating supply.
  • EPC rate raised to 1.044 STEEM per 100k EPC thanks to the burning system.
  • EPC price on free market soared to average trading price 0.0009 STEEM/EPC, approximately 300% gain!

We hope so far you are enjoying the last system upgrade for the past few weeks because the house is about to make the system even more awesome!

Introducing EpicBomb


An EpicBomb consist of 20 STEEM which when it got dropped to the Prize Pool(@epicpool), that extra fund is instantly available to win away by EPC bettors.

Unlike the fixed 3 STEEM/Hour pool topping up, dropping of EpicBomb will be totally random and on an ad-hoc basis. The announcement of such dropping will be only available in our Discord channel. So if you are a pool hunter, be sure to join the awesome community while busy accumulating that sweet EPC!

EpicBomb can be dropped on any special event like a day worth celebrating, a milestone accomplished by the platform, STEEM price mooning, or it can be whenever the house is feeling fabulous. Totally random surprise. For instance, one EpicBomb has just dropped in the pool for this exciting announcement.

But there is MORE!


EpicNuke is 5 times more powerful than EpicBomb that it carries 100 STEEM gunpowder. With that said, EpicNuke is going to be way rarer than EpicBomb. But when it happens, the Prize Pool is going to be blown up hard and EPC community is going to have a great time partying in it!

All the funding from EpicBomb and EpicNuke will be directly sponsored by the house without affecting the daily dividend. Is the house celebrating the milestone of giving away STEEM, by giving away more STEEM? Hell yes!

EPC has just become more epic!

Winners Announcement for Resteem Contest

We used the same provably-fair method to choose our winner of resteem contest of this post. We appreciate all the words you've been spreading around. Healthy exposure is definitely going to benefit our platform and all the stakeholders.

At last, congratulations to 100k EPC winner @mulletwang!

Earn EPC via delegation

EPC is the only token to earn from the daily dividend and prize pool in STEEM. Every 1 SP delegation earns 2 EPC daily. It takes one day for the delegation to be effective in order to receive the dividend from the moment of delegation.

Quick delegation via Steemconnect links below:

100 SP | 500 SP | 1000 SP | 5000 SP | 10000 SP

Join our Discord server for better communication.


Based on the current market price I'm basically getting 1.1% Daily ROI on my 1 Million+ EPC. Thank you for you great work. That's a crazy return compared to any traditional investment on the planet. 2 weeks on EPC can beat yearly returns on an investment fund. That's some real performance. Excellent job!

That's surreal! We have zero clue about this crazy ROI to be frank. Would be great if you can further elaborate what strategies did you use, we are sure the community would definitely love to learn!

You don't know? I mean, there's no strategy... it's just, buy as much EPC as you can (low liquidity, so you can't buy much, but, you know, what you can), then just hodl, and watch the ~1% on average roll in daily.

We are well aware every system upgrade will impact the token value in a positive way. But we rather focus the development and let user tell us how things work for them. Nice to hear that, simple but definitely still a strategy!

What do you mean by 1% a day? Is this investment advice?

It's certainly not advice, as historical returns do not indicate future behavior, and I'm not a financial advisor. But it's been true so far for me. I spent about 100 steemp acquiring just over a million epc. I have received as daily dividends an average of 1 steem. Some days more, some days nothing.
which there's no guarantee it will. it will have been 300% ish roi

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300% ROI per year is high but it is a lot less than 1% per day considering compounding. I suspect returns will settledown once more tokens get distributed and some of the heavier gamblers give up. Even with a risk premium for speculating on an unregistered gambling DApp, I still suspect 300% is a bit extreme. Gotta wait more than a month or two of divs before we start speculating on ROI.

Alternatively, the price of tokens goes higher. Certainly it won't always be 300%, but I'm hoping it's because it simply gets more expensive to acquire tokens.

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Also re: compounding. The math gets more difficult there, because you're paid in steem, which you'd have to send to steem-engine and pay 1% on. Then you'd have to buy EPC, and the price has been going up.

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It's basically what @improv mentioned. Just buy them on STEEM-Engine. I've also earned lot from playing the game too. So far I'm loving he results. Let's hope STEEM will get a lot more users fast and they will be using the DAPPs a lot :-)

The great part is I got keychain working on android using the kiwi browser, so that's an option for some smart phone players.

Just curious how exactly did you come to this figure? 1.1% daily ROI is a 5322% APR, clearly unsustainable and science fiction for a dice game. Don't mislead potetial investors with such bogus claims. And shame on Epicdice for even responding to such ludicrous claims.

ludicrous claims

Seriously, just do the math before coming with accusations and shaming at me and @epicdice You are only going to make yourself sound salty. You seem to be "educating" people without even taking a proper look at the tokens. If you actually bothered for a minute to see take a look on prices and daily payouts of @epicdice you won't be making these comments.

Another Miscalculation of Yours

1.1% Daily ROI is based on dividends. Don't calculate with compounding interest when talking about STEEM dividends sent to your wallet every day. Either you are not fully aware of how @epicdice work or you are willfully ignoring this.



It'll be a nice milestone once we get to 10% of circulating supply burned.

Wouldn't take long given at the current burning rate. Keep it burning!

It is very interesting and I will play games with fun.
And I always cheer for him.

Super cool to have your solid support!

Wow! With updates like this you'll be catching upto those EOS based games very soon. Those idiots of Magic Dice should be killing themselves looking at all this success of yours. Honesty pays well in the long run. Good luck on the future :)

The team always aim to improve the value of the overall ecosystem on the platform, on EpicDice or Steem. Thanks for the kind words, that means a lot to us.

Fun Fun Fun. To be honest I don't play. I played Magic Dice for awhile and got bored. (thank god I did lol), This is cool!

You should really try this one out if you have not already, tell us what you think about it whether by commenting or in our Discord channel. See you in the game!

Keep up the good work, guys!

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Would not be possible without support from guys like you!

A very interesting project to follow closely.

It sure is! See you in the game shall we?

I do like these bombs!

You sure know how to profit from it when it got dropped aren't you?

Excellent job!

Thanks for the support!

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Seems like discord servers are down, you should consider telegram as well.

Definitely an option if this happens frequently.

May the Steemit be with you!