Embracing NewSteem & Most generous gaming platform

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EpicDice is an open-source gaming platform built on top of Steem blockchain with absolute transparency and fairness. Join the most epic fun today!


Embracing NewSteem

While Epicdice has no intention to make a profit via voting, keeping the VP idling at 100% will be a huge waste of resource so we used to sell our vote to @smartsteem. However #newsteem is here, it is thrilling to see how it affecting the curation behaviour of the community. Honest curation has never been this motivated before, malicious behaviour can now be punished by free downvote pool, useful proposals keep popping up by different entity, and many more. Thus we have made a few changes to embrace the new era:

  • Disable selling vote to @smartsteem.
  • Instead, trailing curation of @smartsteem, @curie, and @curangel since we do not have a dedication curation team.
  • Stop buying vote for future posts, instead, we will promote our content by burning some SBD to @null (official way of promoting content finally make sense)
  • Support interesting and constructive proposals and witness.
  • Occasionally manually downvote abusive content.

While preparing to roll out next new game, @threespeak's STEEM burn initiative inspired us so much that we decided to answer the call by putting it into our roadmap. Exact plan on how it is going to be executed is not available yet but it will be something like burning part of the house daily profit. We urge other Steem DAPP to do the same, if not better. Should be fun.

Rained the most dividend

EpicDice is the unquestionable most investor-friendly gambling platform that giving out highest dividend to date. 41k STEEM without even taking into account other benefits like referral reward. If you are not aware, the house is sharing 50% of its daily profit with all the EPC holders. On top of that, EPC prize pool has already given away more than 5k STEEM via EPC betting, making it the most exciting platform to gain more STEEM.

Did we mention that all these were accomplished before the first halving ever happened? That's pretty sick to think how much the platform would have distributed its profit away to the players down the road! EPC is currently 1.4% shy away from its first halve, we looking forward to seeing how it would impact the overall system.

EPC market has been stable since its introduction trading around 0.00014 STEEM per EPC. And the demand order has always been larger than selling order, if not overwhelming for some time. Such demand and stability spell a huge success to our innovative EPC betting system which caters well for all kind of strategies namely gambling, trading, or holding. Check out what EPC is good for if you have not already.

Design us a cool loading GIF and win 100 STEEM

Great news to designers/animator/artist to gain some EPC without gambling at all. Make us a unique and cool loading animation which will mainly be used on our website following requirements below:

  • The main theme will be dice with our 2 main colours on the site, #344955(primary) and #f9aa33(accent).
  • Interesting and creativity is the main key we are looking for.
  • Flat design and smooth flow, infinitely looping of course like the example below

Submit your work in the comment section or share it around to your artist friends, contact us in our Discord server for more detail. One winner take away 500k EPC (worth ~70 STEEM currently). There aren't any hard headline

PoB Bounty Reward

Extraordinary (100,000 EPC)
Great (50,000 EPC)
Good (10,000 EPC)
Average (1,000 EPC)

Earn EPC via delegation (Every 1 SP delegation earns 2 EPC daily):

100 SP | 500 SP | 1000 SP | 5000 SP | 10000 SP

Join our Discord server for better communication.

Disclaimer and Important Notice: Epicdice.io reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of the Terms and Rules at any time without notice.


~Smartsteem Curation Team

Appreciate the huge vote

@leysa Might like to enter.

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Maybe an occasional vote to your players. Another incentive to playing and supporting the game would go a long way to players.

Shout out to @zord189 for the GIF contest !

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When the winning gif is chosen, I’ll add it as a special case to the @giphy bot 👍 e.g !giphy neoxian

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Awesome. Actually why is neoxian is using a dice as symbol?

I'm not sure of the history behind it. Let's ask @neoxian 🙂

Also #newsteem means check your witness votes 😉 !witness-vote-check epicdice

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!giphy-sticker dice

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That's awesome news! You should be trailing @travelfeed as well for better curation rewards, @travelfeed does full manual curation and on almost every post large votes, including@curie and @curangel, come in after that

(Full disclosure: I am part of the team behind TravelFeed and know how much work our curators put into manual curation)

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just joined and im loving it.

I gave you a vote.

just lost all my steem. I have a gambling problem

Hey y'all!

If you're looking for something good to do with your SP, I'd love for you to sponsor with your vote another game that isn't a rival for you. I run Punday Monday (and since you're following curie, you'll be pleased to note that we've been a curie supported community in the past). It's some simple joke-telling fun. I'm an investor in Epicdice, and I'd also be happy to give you a sponsorship shoutout, if you'd want to commit to upvoting the contest. Check out the latest. I have hosted the contest for 119 weeks without missing any.

I'd love your sponsorship and support!

I saw your vote! Thanks. I've edited the post to mention you as well. Let me know if you like the words.

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Wow thats awesome!

So if i send 1000 Steempower to @epicdice i would get 2000 epc per day directly into my account?

Thank you for the EPC Bounty ! Glad You liked my post :D.

I sent some steem but it says you guys are working on your site. Can you please return

All unprocessed bets are already processed upon the game is resume. Thanks for the support.