The dice has started rolling again after a short break

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EpicDice is an open-source gaming platform built on top of Steem blockchain with absolute transparency and fairness. Join the most epic fun today!

EpicDice was glad to be able to resume its business within 36 hours from the shut down after a rather devastating incident which fortunately had ended well.

Transaction ID + Server Seed

Every dice result is now generated from a secret server seed and transaction ID from Steem blockchain. The real server seed will be revealed every 5 minutes so players can verify the dice result by following the flow below.

Every returned bet memo from @epicdice comes with a server_hash which can be used to compare with the revealed server seed(generated via open-source SHA-256 library). @epicdice will reveal the server seed for previous server hash by firing a transaction from @epicdice to @epictoken every 5 minutes. Players can easily find the server seed using explorer tool like

The full provably-fair code snippet is available at Copy the Transaction ID and Server Seed and insert to the code snippet to verify the dice result.

Under-constructing items

Smoother fairness verification process

We know, the process can be tedious since players will have to use to track the actual revealed server seed that used to generate a random rolled number. If you need help, please provide the actual transaction ID of the bet to the team either via comment under this blog or contacting admin in Discord channel, we should sort things out quickly.

Meanwhile, we are also working on a new “Fairness” section in our site so the user can quickly verify the bets without much effort.

EPC wagering

EPC wagering is still under temporary pause as the new server seed system hasn’t been integrated yet as it is operating on Steem-Engine side chan. While the main objective is to bring our core business(dice via STEEM) back as soon as possible, EPC wagering will soon to be supported under the new fairness mechanism.

PoB Bounty winners

Extraordinary (100k EPC):

  • We appreciate @deanliu’s in helping the house to offer a better way to improve our core mechanism due to the above-mentioned incident by creating a bounty.

  • @oflyhigh explained why relying solely on txid is not a good idea for random rolled number generation.

  • @hitmeasap showed why our PoB Bounty is a great way to enhance one’s reward in STEEM!

Great (50k EPC):

  • As the reward system dramatically changed after HF21, getting a steady income via blogging can be tricky but @hitmeasap talked about how PoB system is going to provide a predictable and consistent reward for a quality creative. He also discussed why EpicDice unique referral system should be favoured in term of creating a passive income of affiliate marketing.

We are recruiting

We are still looking for awesome moderator talent from the Korean and Japanese community. The requirements will be the same as here and we will leave the recruitment open until the position is filled with capable soul. Recommend yourself if you are up to the interesting role, or refer us a potential candidate. We have a little surprise for each successful referral!

Earn EPC via delegation

EPC is the only token to earn from the daily dividend and prize pool in STEEM. Every 1 SP delegation earns 2 EPC daily. It takes one day for the delegation to be effective in receiving the dividend from the moment of delegation.

Quick delegation via Steemconnect links below:

100 SP | 500 SP | 1000 SP | 5000 SP | 10000 SP

Join our Discord server for better communication.

Disclaimer and Important Notice: reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of the Terms and Rules at any time without notice.


I am glad you changed up how the betting goes to incudes seeds etc and hopefully not another incident happening again.

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Typo again! (Please reward me with EPC ;) ) should be :P

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And now you stopped being provably fair, cause every server seed can be adjusted to the results given in this 5 minutes time.

Other words: no metter the results in this 5 minutes, there always exist a seed which explain them.

I was wrong.

@bartosz546 Next ServerHash is publish to the chain when previous ServerSeed reveal. There is no way server Seed can change the other yet still produce same hash via SHA256 . Do you mind elaborate how ServerSeed can change and still manage to hash the same serverHash.

You don't get my point. No matter the result they will provide you in this five minutes they can reveal hash they chose by their own.

Example let's say epicdice makes all games being lost in this five minutes, they can calculate hash which will justify it and then publify it.

Other thing:
Why to even use transaction hash now?
It doesn't make any sense in current implementation, if there is server hash, you could just forget about transaction hash and just reveal server hash once per five minutes.
In my opinion they got lost in their ideas.

@bartosz546 , you don’t get my point. Current ServerHash is publish to chain prior any bet taking place and each of return result transaction will has the server hash written in memo. At the end of 5minutes interval, the current serverSeed and next serverHash will be reveal. If Epicdice change the ServerSeed, the hashing will not match to serverHash that publish 5 minutes earlier. All the verification can done via

Why to even use transaction hash now?
A: transactionId being use as nuance, otherwise all result in the 5 minutes interval will be all same.

You are right and I was wrong :)
I forgot about hashed server seed being published.

The small nuance I see at that moment: if you can duplicate transaction hash you might break the system again.
Don't know how complex it could be.