Epic Dice dividend reaching close to 100 Steem!

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Hi Steemit Friends,

Compared to the previous dice games, I haven't been playing epic dice as much but have more faith in this game than before after seeing my dividend is reaching to 100 Steem. At 99.4 Steem received in dividend so far, this game is by far the best dice game on the blockchain to date in my opinion.

I am a small token holder with just over 1 million tokens and this has given me a small but steady income at most days and after a few months, this amount have grown to nearly 100 Steem. Not bad for a small investment. I can also see the token price has been steadily increasing in price on steem-engine which can be a good or bad thing. Good is our tokens are getting more valuable but the bad side I won't be able to get some cheap tokens for some time.

I am anticipating to hit the 100 steem dividend mark by tomorrow.

epic 100.png



1 milion tokens and only 1 steem daily dyvidend? 1.2 milon cost 144 steem. Good deal?

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why not if you don't need to do anything with the token and still get dividend?

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