This Is Pretty Scary And You're Not Being Told About It!

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Luke has today's wrap up of all the important news you need to know!

Watch the video above to find out more!


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I was like to see this video .. I was look it in YouTube ... soon I can also upvote you ..I just need 15 more minit :)

Thank you, I really appreciate the support! :)

The world is a scary place, problems across the globe these days and showing no signs of slowing down

Luke, you can finally monetize yourself better and better via Steem, as it has moved to tribes with their own tokens. It is all based on These are the guys behind Splinterlands, the super successful card trading game on Steem, that is one of the sponsors of Anarchadelphia, were you attend on September 13th, the 88,888th founding day of the Illuminati. ;-)

Step 1: Use DTube again. They have a new concept, where you can simply share your Youtube links and create a Steem post with that video. No more slow and unstable IPFS uploads - although the still exist optionally. The new DTube is soon releasing the DTube Coin (DTC). You will get airdrops when you use it now in Beta phase. It is not based on Steem but syncs with Steem, so that you earn DTC, Steem AND one more tribe token from Steem Engine.

Step 2: Use tribe tags. Just tag the tribe that fits best for your video - which in your case the general topic #palnet would be the best choice currently (where you earn PAL). Soon enough there will surely some special tribe for alternative media and there you will really SHINE! Just use the right tags, everyone is doing that now on Steem. And tell Dan and Josh and everyone at Anarchadelphia to do so as well. Maybe you should all just throw like 3k USD in a pool there and create the alternative media token yourself. It has never been easier and cheaper than now and all Steem is moving in that direction - and it works! You could even get your OWN DTUBE, and your OWN STEEMIT clone, as well as many other really amazing things, where all people would earn your alternative media token.

Step 3: Check out It is a new Steem-based platform with its own Steem Engine token and focuses on deplatformed and demonetized content creators - like you. They have some really easy onboardings with simple Google and Facebook accounts, where all your followers can start interacting and earning tokens WITHOUT their own Steem accounts. Eventually they can unlock their own accounts. 3Speak works with IPFS but they have really good servers. For that, you have to pay like 4 USD a month but your videos will forever stay up, even after terminating your subscription AND you immediately get support from the 3Speak platform, which will likely cover your costs after the first video. (DTube also gives upvotes, but you should probably pick one of them. I use both with two different accounts and topics).