Are we trapped into the 3D Frequency?

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Life after death or inbetween lives, NDE's and OBE's these topics have always intrigued me a lot and hence I keep reading all different types of materials that I get my hands on.

Before I start writing this one, let me tell you that you need to open up your minds to read this content.

In childhood there was always this 1 thought on my mind. I always used to feel that God is some very cruel thing sitting up there always waiting to take revenge with us. It is like ok you do wrong, here you go with your punishment. If he is so compassionate then why can't he forgive his people like how a mother forgives her child. First of all he erases all our memories and then puts us on this play and happily sitting up there watches the show, else why would God be so inhuman to put little babies, children, very old helpless people into such extreme suffering.

Then as I grew up and started exploring this subject more, the Law of Karma came into perspective. Ahhaa then I thought I understood, why we are going through this.

But still my restless mind always has this one question. Why can't we have some glimpses of our past lives in a more easy way that we understand our life lessons well and do not keep making the same mistakes again and again and can break free from this cycle of Life and Death.


Do you want to be born again?
Absolutely I do not wish to. So another question on my mind. How can I stop incarnating. I always used to feel and still feel that something is not right up there and that there is some big play happening, where we are just puppets.

Some years ago I came across this material of "Cameron Day" - Why I am no Longer a Light worker Where he talks about the holographic deception and the frequency trap. The Duality of the Demiurge - the dark vs white (False) Light. How everything is put across to us in a program, where we are just actors and always in a state of illusion. And with that the ones who are controlling how easily they harvest on our soul energy. I did somewhere comprehend with his work, but it was not enough.

The whole duality is created, because everything cannot be bad, nor everything can be good, so when the dark forces are at play the good ones come as a rescuer in the form of religions and other practices and these are nothing but just the other side of the game. The Dark side just makes the white (false) side look good.

So does that mean there is no White Light? Was my then another curiosity.
Well there is definitely, but one needs to identify the True White Light and the False White Light.
Well this may hurt ego of many reading, but most of us are connected to the False White Light.
The False Light role is to make us feel extra good.
The real White Light will put us through our karmic lessons but in a more compassionate manner. The light will reach out to us not in any external form but from within.

Ok so for those who are interested in reading more about this can go through Cameron Day's work, but be ready to break a lot of your conditioning, specially the ones who are very religious and have a hard core belief in God system. When I say this God system it means the Idol worshiping.


Then I came across a lot of other material, talking about the same thing, but lately I have been reading the Wes Penre papers and I am blown with the amount of information shared by him with thorough research and investigation. He talks about the Alien intervention, The ET abductions, The 3D Frequency grid, The death trap and a lot more......
It is complex and a lot, but from all of it, the subject that I want to pick up is the "Death trap"

Our souls have been created by the source, there is no doubt on that, and we are truly multidimensional being who can connect with our source if we wish to. Over a period of time we have been manipulated into these physical dense bodies and trapped into the 3D frequency. And in this manipulation our original 12 strands of DNA were played up and made dormant. We now only have 2 to 3 strands of our DNA activated. Just think of it, if we can activate our few other strands of DNA what capacity we would hold.

So coming to the Death and Recycle part. Most of us are aware of this and have read much about it, that when we die, our souls cross over to the other side, where we come in contact with our spirit guides, our dear souls who have already crossed over, they all come to support us in crossing over. And then we cross the Tunnel of Light.

Well that's what the majority of the work says, Michael Newton, Brian Weiss....who all have done 1000s of regression cases have come up with the same theory of cross over. The NDEs also have reported the same in their encounters.
If you wish to read on the Life between Lives, Michael Newton's work speaks volumes about it.

But then what if I tell you that this is a whole set up to push back again into the matrix and enslaving us again in the same cycle of life and death?
So the question is - Will we ever be able to break through this cycle?
Well a lot of us think, that when we complete our karma and learning's we will be able to. But will that ever happen? Till the time we keep coming into the physical bodies, the karma will always be there, something or the other.
We do not only incarnate to serve our wrong karma but we also incarnate to get our good karma and in turn may end up again having some karma. so this cycle will go on and on.

Wes Penre and Cameron Day, both explains in detail, what one can do to break this frequency trap.


Let me give you this information as is from Wes Penre papers

When it comes to exiting the death trap, we don’t need to be afraid; after all, we have “died” thousands of times already, so that’s nothing new. The only thing that’s new is that this time we want to try something outside the norm. This time, we have an opportunity we’ve never had before because the Grid that surrounds our planet is no longer intact; primarily because there are some of us humans who have raised our consciousness to a level where we partly vibrate outside the limited frequency band we call the Third Dimension. Thus, there are now holes in the Grid that act like portals, leading straight out of the Frequency Prison.
The first important thing is to ignore whomever approaches you once you separate from your physical body in death.
Instead of paying any attention to anyone, regardless of who they might be, or appear to be, you concentrate on what is “above” you. You will notice that you now have a 360° vision, but when I wrote “above,” I meant in relation to where your dead body is.
Once you’ve spotted the Grid, look for holes in it. You should be able to see those almost instantly. Choose one of the holes, focus on it and put out the thought and intention that you are now going to nano-travel[9] through the hole and land in the VOID (or KHAA, whatever term you prefer).
Once on the other side of the Grid, someone who is aware (most readers of this article), would see the Universe the way it really looks like.

You may read the full article in details here
The Death Trap and How to Avoid it

It is very difficult for a lot many to absorb this subject, but I believe we need to prepare to get out of this and the only way to do it is to be fully in realization of it. I am not saying you read this and accept, you may do your own research and come up with your own conclusions, but we have lived so many lives countless in pain and suffering, so if this is a hope for me to break through, I will surely want to start putting my practices in place to prepare for it.
Yes for sure I do feel very heavy in this physical body and from my very early age I have always had this thought that I do not wish to be born again, I do not wish to come back to earth and if this is a hope for me may be my higher self can succeed this time by well preparing for it to break through. After all intention is what matters.

This is a subject that many will just want to discount it, many will think I am insane and writing all silly things, and a few may just want to put a thought over it. Whatever is your belief and conclusion, I still want you to put a thought over it if this is our only hope and read the link I have shared. We are living in times which is taking away all our freedom. Do we realize how we are being enslaved. The whole Covid-19 situation, which is just nothing but a virus has handicapped our lives. We are being told, do this, do that, do not do this. Do we realize how convincingly they are making us agree to do things that they want and they have already planned for.

If you still think that this is all a natural phenomena and we are paying for our sins and all that garbage, let me tell you, you will pay for more and more sins in the years to come and generations down the line will never know what a human real self is.

Ahhaa this has become too intense, so let me stop it here, but I advise you to read the article for sure.

Thank you for visiting my blog. 👼🏻👼🏻💖💖🌹🌺🌸

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How can I stop incarnating

If you visit the Lord Jagannath on Chariot after Car Festival ( based on latest news, this year, its stopping as per Supreme Court order)then you stop incarnating - that's what is told in my place, and I have already done. There is no way, it can be guaranteed, and truly its intense 🙆‍♂

Sorry, but do you really believe into this?
And why would that be, what is the logic behind it?

Nope, there is no logic. I had gone there and I had heard this several times, so I visited the Lord on Chariot, given an opportunity. There is nothing that can be proven with all these beliefs, but people still practice it. You said it right, its complex. My simple belief is Karma and we all are going to die one day, so why fear !!! And on incarnation,there is no way, I can relate the current life to that, so why worry a lot !!

a well-written article, . I often have similar thoughts about the creator when I see such suffering in some parts of the world. I don't think any mainstream religious teaching has it all right, ... I resign to the point that we should just be good people, and be good to your fellow humans .... you can't go wrong with that.

Right and how I wish I can keep my mind to that simplicity and not let it keep doing the monkey tricks which it is so expert at... :-) Religions are all man made and time and again twisted for the benefit of the so called custodians of the religions.