Instant Pot Catastrophy- Chicken and Pineapple

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I bought the Instant Pot over a year ago. It stayed in the mailing box and I decided to unwrap the pot to learn how to cook. Cooking is made simpler with the Instant Pot. I do have to give that to them. However, choosing the dish to cook is the deciding factor on whether I would use the Instant Pot again or not.

First off, DO NOT ever open the lid when the Instant Pot is on. It is very steamy and you could hurt yourself if not careful. I made sure to wait the recommended time period before opening the lid. Last thing I need is a second degree burn!

Secondly, if you’re not a fan of broiled chicken, then the Instant Pot is not for you. I’m not a fan of the soft texture of broiled chicken so my chicken and pineapple dish was a disaster. It could also be that I usually don’t cook chicken and pineapple, but I wanted to give a new recipe a try. It was too soft for my palate and the taste was just weird.

I did try the Instant Pot to make a French Dip Au Jus once and it wasn’t that bad. I may try it again one day, but probably not with chicken.


Image is original. Food was not very yummy.


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Well at least it was pretty. Perhaps if you get some close up shots from different angles. Maybe a macro. Yeah I am thinking a trending post for sure.
How many synonyms do you know for yummy?

I was just thinking of getting a macro lens! 🤪

Yummy in my tummy, bummy! That's it.

Awesome post. The only way to do great work is to love what you do. You have achieved that.