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In response to @netuoso 's call in the SteemDevs Hivemind Community :Call to Steem Community Developers - GET IN HERE!, , I decided to set up a python programming course in #hive-139531 #cn and #chinese.

In order to promote the development of steem in the Chinese community, this course is bilingual in Chinese and English. The first course is in Chinese, and then it is published in English. The English version will add the link of the Chinese version.

Course Name:
English:< make money on steem-python >
Code:'MMoSPxxx','xxx 'is the serial number of the Course.

At the same time, we also respond to the call of @dapeng , the Chinese community of steem, and welcome @dapeng to incorporate this course into @dapeng 's <Steem 指南:基础与开发>, as a component of 机器人之开发篇:Python .

In addition, according to the steem Chinese District fashion: :Steem Roster | 花名册,my English name is ‘dappcoder’, and my roster name is :“德普.可得”, which is called “老德” for short.

Temporarily use @ netuoso article's cover, cool:) if there is infringement, please inform us to change.