eSteem - Android v1.4.1 released, Nested comments, language additions, performance and bug fixes

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Announcing release of eSteem mobile, version 1.4.1. Bug fixes, Nested comments, performance improvements and language additions.

If you want to translate eSteem app to your native language, or review app and let us know what words/phrases on translations can be improved, please join direct link for translation team: We have also rewarded Russian and German, Polish and Greek, Spanish and Chinese (traditional), Hungarian and Bulgarian, Chinese simplified and Swedish, Indonesian, Malay and Ukrainia contributors with help of community, other language contributors will also receive rewards with next translation update post.

What's new

With HF18, now focus will be on conversations and discussions because comments nesting and posting limits are gone. Due to this, one of the main requirement is to give support for that as well as increase usage of that features. eSteem is making few changes in this release and also improving performance. There will be more changes on next version v1.4.2, all changes for this v1.4.1 can be monitored on our Github:

  • Comment fetching, mobile devices have limited RAM and processing power and fetching big chunk of data from server causes app to freeze occasionally if huge number of conversations should be fetched. Due to this, comments are now fetched separate from post. This improves performance but we need couple API changes on Steem which I have reported recently. Hope we can improve API for comments further...
  • Comment nesting support, after depth is more than 5, you will be easily navigated to next batch.
  • Voters Info page update. With new API, comment voters info got also update, it refreshes if voter list is empty because of above issue.
  • Filipino added
  • Portuguese updated
  • Bulgarian updated
  • Polish updated
  • German updated
  • Many other languages were updated
  • Added new contributors in About page
  • Fix comments, image upload
  • Add loader while voting on comments
  • Auto Scroll to comments when fetching is done
  • Improve comment submit, occasional broadcast error fix
  • Improve post opening and closing
  • Improvements on caching of the feed
  • Server select and input, you can now select recommended servers as well as input new websocket server
  • Fix payout values
  • Remove post mode, payout cycle
  • New currencies added (CAD, CHF, AUD, NOK, PLN, PHP)

Thank You to all contributors and translators! eSteem supports multi-currency, multi-language, multi-account, multi-chain, multi-notifications!


Google Play - Android - v1.4.1 AppStore - iOS (iPhone, iPad) - v1.4.0
Get eSteem on Google Play Get eSteem on AppStore

Make sure to leave review and feedback on Apple AppStore and Google Playstore as well. iOS update for v1.4.1 is on the way, Stay tuned! If you have suggestions, found bug, please report them here or on Github.

vote witness good-karma


That's great @good-karma ,I have not found a bug, I saw the look is still outstanding, but the system has been very good

very nice application you created @good-karma I'll download it now. hopefully we can continue to upgrade to the latest version. Good luck

Thank you @nulls! Make sure you're on latest version 1.4.1 😉

I've downloaded the latest version of android 1.4.1

That's great @good-karma. Thank you for your effort. I will upgrade immediately. Nice ! :)

Let me know how this new version works in terms of performance. Opening post, closing post, fetching comments, etc. 😉

Okay, Now I replying your comment with new version. So far is good. Nice ! :)

I have problem with uploading picture, but the problem, I think on my smartphone. I have installed many camera and photo editor software , may be this software crash or conflict. I must uninstall one of them. Nice ;)

Image capture test


Seem to work for me... can you take a screenshot of error message if any?

@good karma, I tried twice to reply with custom Url from this nested comment, but fail.

Finally, i can see the balance from posts nice work @good-karma! (you must go to play store and update manually)

😉great, yes Android doesn't automatically update app unless it is enabled from Google PlayStore...

I added some translations. I must say I live in a country where we dont really translate everything exactly to the word, but we would have to talk about that. (Escrow, blockchain etc).

Great, thank you @eirik! Will add changes to next release. Some words are international and might not have direct translation, but as long as they are understood for people speak that language, it should be fine 😉

Yeah I will download the new version and check if everything makes sense after you release it.

This update is really good, the separate comment loading undoubtedly great, it has improved post loading greatly. Thank you for the work you put into making esteem, we really appreciate it.

First thing i plan on buying with my STEEM when I get rich is a mobile capable of running more than 1 app without crashing! I will dismantle this one.

Stepping up the game!

hi there! finally I have upgraded to a better phone and think I can try esteem now! but it is weird that I cannot log in (using posting key under advanced setting). I am using android Sony Xperia UA1. Do you have any idea why? Thanks! Look forward to my mobile Steem age!

Hey, great! I will release new upgrade today that should improve eSteem experience greatly! Would you mind testing it after release again?! I am quite happy with new changes and performance improvements, it is gonna be epic 😊

now I can log on... will try to post from there and try what's new there! thanks! Finally I am on the move!! :)
oh, the first bug I found is about traditional/simplified Chinese --- the bug is simple ... you have mixed up the two. When I set tr Chn it shows sim Chn and vice versa... :)

Oh really :) So Chinese Simplified and Traditional languagues mixed up, could you please double check to be sure? I have put down this on github to fix, although I wouldn't know if they were mixed up. I suppose they were right from the begining because on latest release I haven't made changes on that part of the code.

yeah, I check again on the latest version (just updated) and it is true. haha, apologies from my old phone ... she was too old to use your fancy App or I would know this long time ago...

:) Thank you for confirming it, appreciate that a lot bro! I will fix this in next version for sure! Hope it won't be too much confusing until next update

not confusing for me... I use English. lol. however, I will soon give you some more suggestions re tr Chn after I am more familiar with it. (as I recall there are also some more to translate ...)