Surfer 1.1.11 update brings interface improvements

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Announcing new version of eSteem Surfer: interface or client for Steem. We are improving our application every week adding new functions, tweaks, fixing issues you are reporting us in our GitHub Repo and working on something absolutely new...

Navigation Bar Redesign

Here is one of the samples how you can utilize our GitHub repo if you want to improve something, request for a feature or report a bug. This is the real usercase we are going to show you.

See that blue line in the top of Surfer application?
This is how our old Navigation bar looked in past versions untill 1.0.11.


If you will check this GitHub issue design improvement suggestion you can see an evolution of the changes and our discussion there.

fildunsky made couple of tweaks: made search box larger and lighter by changing the button color to white removing visual division between button and search field.


Second attempt was to move Discover to small arrow inside the search field since it's related to search thematics, change Wallet to credit card or wallet icon, shorten Token Exchange to Exchange and swap search and wallet+exchange places


After discussion we had made adaptation into code and came out with final variant for release.


It came out really great and if we would use for this case we could get good and big upvote from them as well to support this open source initiative. You can use it to boost up your contribution posts that way but it needs some time to inderstand Utopian rules and guidelines to made your contribution be eligible for their upvote.

Roboto Font

Another change we've made is application font we are switching from Helvetica to Roboto because of two reasons mainly.

First one is we are using Roboto in our current designs for advertisings, posts/news image covers and it will made our brand more strong looking if we will implement this font into the Surfer as well.

Second reason was a bug in Helvetica not allowing to use it to Bold up the post titles in the Feed in Windows and Linux versions. Here is another issue on our git repo about it.

So that's it for now. Hope you are satisfied with new changes in recent version and let us know what you think in the comments after updating the app, please.

What is eSteem Surfer

In case you are seeing my blog for the first time...

It's a desktop client you can use on Windows, Mac or Linux to surf your steem friends feed/trending/hot/etc pages, upvote, comment, read replies, do all the other major Steem related stuff in your daily social surfing as well as wallet actions and of course few extras: search, discover different tags etc.


What's New in Surfer 1.1.11 Release

  • Improved Fresh look of top navigation bar
  • Improved Application font changed to Roboto
  • Improved Style for code highlighting with 3` symbols
  • Improved Tables look in Wallet pages
  • Fixed Images for post previews posted via Steempress
  • Fixed Wallet horisontal scroll for small window size
  • Fixed Activity center reply link clicking

Download Now

exe file for Windows users
dmg file for Mac users
deb and rpm files for Linux users

Source code:
Report bugs:


Looking for mobile experience?

Check eSteem Mobile for iOS and Android with push notifications, bookmarks, favorites and other handy functions synced with desktop version.

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This is a fine update on a project I am personally interested in, as a new-ish user of eSteem Surfer. I found the post informative, clear, and useful. It isn't incredibly detailed, but this is a minor update, and I got the information I needed.

Thank you for sharing this post and I look forward to your next.

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Thank you for your review, @didic!

So far this week you've reviewed 12 contributions. Keep up the good work!

I just installed this on Ubuntu and it does look better. Keep up the good work. I am a professional developer, but UI design is not my thing. It's tricky to get right

with the new version, hopefully it can provide convenience in making posts in steemit, good job @good-karma



Awesome initiative. I knew about the mobile app but not this one. Love it!

Friend good work i approve you for vote for witness.

very interesting to using esteem surfer

there is no other word for you @good-karma, keep on being passionate and successful always, esteem amazing..

very good information, thank you @good-karma

Very nice, love it.

Great... A great work to all the team involve ..... The sky is never your limit. 👏👏

Like always a wonderful job @good-karma!
Congrats for this desktop App, it's really well done, I love the graphics and is easy to use....perfect I can say!!
I wish you all the best...Steem On!!!!!!

Thanks making it even more awesome!

jeje you're right rock!

Well researched and briefly explained, Thank you

downloading now...hope it is system 32 :P

This extraordinary. Development eSteem more successfully. Regards @good-karma

The design looks really cool... I'm waiting for the mobile updates though.

great work @good-karma wishing you the best of the best of success

I didn't know this app and I'll try it, thanks!

great writing

Will sure get it soon indeed :)

one continuous innovation and of course this is very satisfying.

Thanks for sharing the news!

Wow.. I was using eSteem, but I never knew that there was desktop version. Lol
Thank you for your information!!!
Start following you now. :)

Is this another mobile app to use Steemit?

The more days are increasing, the updates are good and make it easier to use this application.
Thank you @good-karma

Good work thanks @good-karma

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Thank you for doing STEEM - better. Good luck to you and Love.

Спасибо, что делаете STEEM – лучше. Удачи Вам и Любви.

yaayy... finally got this one.. it is better than the last one, quick and smooth launch too.. thank you and wish you continued success!


Interesting article!

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keep up the great work we appreciate all you do

@good-karma is great, has created an amazing eSteem surfer application, hopefully all steemian uses the latest eSteem surfer application.