I express my words in Poetry! ✒📖

in #esteemapp4 years ago

Why do my eyes not heed to me, not looking away from the Doorstep?

Leaving the whole world aside, I chose only your stuff.
I tried to persuade myself a hundred times, still, it didn’t budge!

Why I am always being questioned?
Why I am always counted as wrong?

What didn't I do for you? Tell me.
When did I sleep with leaving your assignment?

You have belittled me such way nobody ever did!
You have forgotten things that way no one forgets!

You dishonored me to protect your dignity.
You gave my position to someone else, to show yourself as God.

I am living here with smilies but I feel dead,
I am about to leave but again I enticed.

If you cannot be a Poet, be the Poem!



Picture taken from unsplash. Image 1






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Normally I don’t read poems. Then I find a good one like this and questioned myself, why I'm not interested in the poem?
Good one. Amazed.

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Nicely written. I have always wished I could write poetry as well. @scottf writes poetry and it amazes me. Thank you for sharing it.

🙄🙄 কবি আয়াশা কামাল

Being poet is more easier than being poem sister, because writing poetry is like practicing or passion but being a poem is related with many thing hope you will understand.