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I sent my first ETH from coinbase to Poloniex over an hour ago almost 2 now and still pending with 0 confirmations and poloniex shows nothing not even pending just nothing .How long does ETH take I thought it was supposed to be so fast .And is there anyway to cancel this since it is not even had 1 confirmation.
Need a little advice on what action I should take if any at all. This is the first time I have had a problem sending a coin to this extent.
Thanks in advance


A bunch of negative post about poloniex and Coinbase lately. I wish I had your answer @otisbrown and I hope it's retrieved.

thanks runridefly

Next time you thinking of exchanging or trading please consider @blocktrades they are fast and reliable. I started using them over a month and it takes within minutes. They give you the best possible market rate and its the best method to use here on steemit if you are looking to exchange your SBD. I wish you the very best with your transaction. I currently have coins lock up in Poloniex for over 1 month, I don't know when and where I would be able to get them.

thank you for your reply and what coins are locked up of yours

I place them there to grab some profits because I notice the price was going up, but everytime I decide to sell I notice it continued going, so I just decided to hold off, I was trying to get a proper wallet to get it off and hold it for long-term but now the wallet been disable for weeks and no reply to my messages on poloniex part. I have a couple Riecoins. I am just hoping for the best at this point. I could also trade them for my monero there, and get them to my monero wallet but I feel like I be selling myself short if I do. I gonna wait and see how it unfold, if they decide get ride of the coins, then I hope they give at least a notice. It seems like they are struggling with volume or something rogue in going on. In the meanwhile I have resorted to blocktrades

These disables are really annoying thanks for replying back daudimitch

I have my Bytecoins lock up there, thousands of them

These disables are really annoying thanks for replying back daudimitch

I am sorry that, if anyone sent tokens to their ETH address, they can consider it charity, I see they slide in another notice, IMPORTANT: DO NOT SEND TOKENS TO THIS ADDRESS! Send only Ether (ETH) to this deposit address.
Sending tokens or any other currency to this address will result in the permanent loss of your deposit.
They have also raid the minimum deposit to 1 ETH, so its short notice. Anything below that is considered charity to them.

Genesis mining told me that wait for transactionts that you cant track its a question of time because issues with ethereum network i wait 3 days for deposit 0.2 eth as well

did it ever show up

not yet man.. they told me that's is issue of time only till they recover failed transactions.

Not only that, the delivery of SBD and Steem was delayed in poloniex, I also do not know how to cancel. Sorry friend

Thank you for your reply akiyoshi

You are welcome ^_^
Dear friend otisbrown
Good luck, have a nice day 😊

It could take anywhere from 1 to 6hrs because of network congestion ,also don't send anything tom because of EOS sale

thank you for the info orionsbelt

What gas you indicated (or polo did it?) Safe gas prices see here: in recommended user price.
Look also transaction at (your receiveing address after slash)

I just now seen this on the Poloniex Exchange page

Due to ongoing network instability, we've disabled Ethereum deposits/withdrawals. We'll enable once we know the network is functioning properly.

So once they enable it again will my Eth go through even if it is like a week from now

This is the reason why I never keep money on exchanges. Don't want to depend from 3rd side. Hardware wallet and backups only. But gasstation shows heavy load on the network now. probably some ICO is emptying wallets of Pinoccios

Thanks for all the info busser

I've been reading a lot of stuff about how bad coinbase is including it's support, I hope your transaction get through!

Thanks kissofearth yes coinbase support sucks for sure

Strange ...

yes strange indeed and always good to hear from you patelincho

I have seen 2 days agoo wallet temporaly closed but now its open so ....

If it shows on the blockchain, they can't really cancel it. They'd probably have to review and reject before it hits the blockchain. Once that happens then the transaction just gets backed up in the queue to be confirmed and stored on the chain.

I did not know much about ETH but I have interest in it.