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Hey everyone,

So tomorrow Goosebet is turning 1 week old and what a week it has been. All I am going to say for now is - JUICY DIVS and FAST DICE! (exclusive sneak peak at the end of the article)

DAY 1:

The day that goosebet opens it's doors came! Amazing UI and 3 great looking in-house games. After DICE was overcome by eager players it became rather slow but only a couple of hours later it was lightning fast and from there it only kept on going faster and faster with every day.

Mining cost for day 1: (800 * 0.018) = 14.4 TRX per 1 GBT

Dividends: $423,096.78 (Paid out $63k @ 15.0%)

DAY 2:

On the second day we saw the games performance improve even more and the dividends rise higher!

Mining cost for day 2: (805 * 0.018) = 14.49 TRX per 1 GBT

Dividends: $570,084.84 (Paid out $84k @ 14.8%)

DAY 3:

That was the day that the  5 000 000 bets placed mark was reached. Goosebet kept on improving and providing great user support! Bets kept on flowing and divs kept on growing with them. In only 3 days Goosebet managed to pay over $230 000 in dividends to it's players.

Mining cost for day 3: (810 * 0.018) = 14.58 TRX per 1 GBT

Dividends: $579.353.83 (Paid out $83k @ 14.6%)

DAY 4:

After a new build was uploaded on DAY 3. Goosebet showed it's players what it has to offer on DAY 4 - with over 70 bets per second on DICE. More and more precious GBT was getting mined, which is understandable with the steady growth of the dividends pool even though 15% were being paid out daily. Who wouldn't feel like missing out on such a great profit, platform and trust in the great team behind Goosebet?! :)

Mining cost for day 4: (815 * 0.018) = 14.67 TRX per 1 GBT

Dividends: $599,378.75 (Paid out $86k @ 14.4%)

DAY 5:

The dividends pool did it and reached over $600 000! Another full of mining activity day and some minor improvements on the platform.

Mining cost for day 5: (820 * 0.018) = 14.76 TRX per 1 GBT

Dividends: $600,854.59 (Paid out $85k @ 14.2%)

DAY 6:

Mining went on full throttle again and divs rised again almost to the high of DAY 5. Goosebet kept on offering the lightning fast gaming experience and teased the players that Slots might be coming sooner than later :)

Mining cost for day 6: (825 * 0.018) = 14.85 TRX per 1 GBT

Dividends: $578,140.77 (Paid out $81k @ 14.0%)

DAY 7:

The players kept on coming and thats understandable since the concept of Goosebet is really unique and shows that its never too late to start mining that precious GBT. The early miners got some advantage and better mining cost but if those Dividends keep on rising like that even after months Goosebet will be the one to play and mine on!!!

Mining cost for day 7: (830 * 0.018) = 14.94 TRX per 1 GBT

Current Dividends and next payout:

As the title says it - WHAT A WEEK! I for sure can't wait to see what Goosebet will bring out next but one thing is sure: One cant mine enough GBT! So get out there with me and lets mine us some more of that precious token.

PS A Goose tells me that Slots might be released really really really soon so stay tuned for more! Here is a little sneak peak:

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From the Community, for the Community: DApps.Buzz

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