HyperTRON.io Exit Scam?

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It's not a secret that HyperTRON didn't really well since they launched. In the beginning, everything sounded very promising. Also, DappStats had a promotional agreement, and Pyrabank back in time also had a collaboration with HyperTRON.

And now, once again, the project and their leaders disappeared. Well, I don't think there was much damage done, the contract was nearly empty. I had a few TRX in there because I began to play the games there to promote them two weeks ago… My last message in their now deleted chat group on Telegram was "I usually don't gamble, but when I do, then on HyperTRON" - So far it's a sign for me, you don't do gambling Patric :-D

Anyways. Cryptochron, HyperTRON's leader, is not the exit scammer, I thought. So I tried to reach him out, and a few seconds before I submitted my article with the headline "HyperTRON exit scammed!", I received a Telegram message from him:

hey bud, well I been better to say the least. not much going on right now. hypertron the dev took it offline. I trying to get things switched over to my name. but with the platform not making any money and no players really for months … he decided to pull the plug without me fully knowing.

We then agreed to wait a few days until I publish a piece of news, he wanted to try to gain back the power over the projects. But it was not with success until now, so that I told him, "Bud, we need to publish something, to inform the crowd," which he responded with:

yes of course! Everyone that was involved with hypertron knows we had good intentions. We never stole, always made customer issues top priority and did everything we could to make the customer experience great. Unfortunately as many projects do when we launched we had to fix issues. We view this as the kill point for the platform. Within the first week we had to go into a maintenance period and correct some major issues. Many of the players that tried out the platform prior never returned. We reopened the platform doors to find less and less players. Even when offering prizes and contests and new partnerships the player participation still remained at a low. As time progressed the cost of development and overhead outweighed the profits in return. With little funds left we let the platform operate until the TRX pool became 0. In which users would no longer be able to withdrawal from the platform. Users can still at this point use our smart contract and withdrawal their HRX tokens and trade on poloniex. I personally am devastated by this as its been my heart and soul for the last 2 years! Anyone who knows me or has been around hypereth to hypertron from the start knows how much hard work I put into this. Starting off on ETH and transitioning to TRX was a huge task and achievement for us however, the costs out of pocket to pay for development over the last couple years has been a major blow. Without the help from the community the platform was destine to run out of steam as all projects are.

this obviously played a huge part in further developments and has caused major issues within the development team itself

idk what else to say, i never scammed a fly , and never would take funds that are not mine. I am not a scammer I am probably the most honest dev there is in this space. but my skills are limited and I am kinda stuck at this point

Oh and one major important part. is that HYPERTRON is not gone. Its just temporarily down. If i can find other strong set of devs to help revamp and revive that is my goal

BUT it comes down to is it worth it to spend out of pocket in hopes people will play?

And this is precisely the question. Will it be worth it?

What we experienced in the last two years with all the exited projects in the crypto sphere is not healthy. In HyperTRON's case, I don't understand why the dev wasn't able to make a statement before closing down the gates. And in my honest opinion, there is a lot of space to involve the communities in finding solutions, which I personally miss in this specific case here. But my experiences until now with Cryptochron wasn't bad, so let's see what's going to happen.

Thanks for your attention and let me know in the comments below what do you all think about this?

From the Community, for the Community: DApps.Buzz

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