I'll be there for Eth2 Phase 0 genesis

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Ever since quitting Steem/Hive witnessing permanently, I've been looking for some kind of blockchain validation. There's nothing better than Eth2. Eth2 proof-of-stake is unique - it's direct (no delegated bullshit), massively decentralized (there'll be 25,000 validators at genesis, and possibly hundreds of thousands over the coming years, quite a bit more than.... 20...), and multi-client (there'll be 4 clients at genesis, with a fifth one coming up, and more in the future). The scale of this project is truly incredible - nothing like this has ever been attempted in crypto, not even close.

I had initially planned to run different validators on different clients, but I couldn't quite figure out Teku in time. So, I'll be running multiple validators across Prysm, Lighthouse and Nimbus. Prysm is very user-friendly with its in-depth documentation and nifty web interface, but Lighthouse has proven to be most stable through the testnets. Not too confident about Nimbus, so I'll run only one validator on it. Teku is the client built for enterprise, and had the steepest learning curve which I couldn't quite figure out.

I'm using a combination of Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and a NUC at home. I haven't tried Raspberry Pi yet, but the way I see it, it's well worth spending a bit extra on the NUC for securing >32 ETH. I did just buy a Compute Stick, will see if that works out in the future for my home backup.

Of course, this is all hardcore stuff, and I'd absolutely not recommend this for anyone but those who strongly believe in Ethereum's long-term potential and are heavily invested.

That said, we're starting to see more mainstream staking services starting to emerge. You can check those out here: https://beaconcha.in/stakingServices

I doubt there's any interest about any of this on Hive. If there is, I'll continue to blog about my experiences, otherwise this will be the first and last post on it.


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