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We at #heyhaveyamet find many #introduce your publications every day, and occasionally I meet someone who writes an excellent publication, and that shows me that they are very professional in their writing style, or that they are just someone who only Write an outstanding post and do this all the time.

And to me there are different styles of writing as it could be a blog style, which is similar to a journal or a diary, or a novel or short story writer that operates in several different locations or platforms for distribution of their books or novels.

This is not what I am looking for. I am looking for an average person who does not write for a living, yet can convey his thoughts in a very brief yet very well articulated post.

What we have done is to create this #excellentblogpost to feature one of those posts when we find them so as to teach others what they can write instead of super short meaningless posts, and it is extremely important to note the date of each of these posts, as I am not necessarily looking within the payout period, so do not upvote a post that is past payout. You can comment on any post to see if they would respond to comments, and thereby upvote on the comments for some kind of recognition.

We at the @steemterminal community and the @heyhaveyamet project along with their related projects such as the #redfishrally and the @steem-aide projects attempt to give the new Steemians as much of a heads up and a head start as possible, and with the staff that we have try to orient these people with the best fit in different communities where their interests lie and prosper with those communities. I, together with other staff, also show try to show all the new accounts that we can in our @heyhaveyamet blogs, thereby giving exponentially more exposure to those who otherwise might not even be seen.

This is a series of #excellentblogposts by @jamerussell and this is a post by :



You can view his post HERE .

I chose this post because his writing just completely resonated with me. It was articulated very well and I was very comfortable reading it, it is witty and straightforward and extremely meaningful.

He also has some outstanding photographs and I would think he could submit an app for National Geographic and be accepted, his work is that good.
I also think he has hit on some truths in his endeavors as well.
I truly hope you will enjoy reading this as much as I did.

Thank you for reading with me ,
Sincerely, James

Thank you @liberty-minded and @jimramones for this awesome gif

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Massive thanks for the shout out! I am truly humbled and honored. I already love this community and I am so thankful to be a part of it.


Another #excellentblogpost brother... @jouneyofanomad... James does a wonderful job, finding quality posts with positive content. Congratulations on being chosen! !tip

Realy good stuff! I like the way you introduce our new Steemitizens! !SHADE 5 !DERANGED

Thank you @sgt-dan, I really appreciate your comments and your help in the Steem Terminal and for all you do also helping the redfish and minnows!
Merry Christmas Sarge!

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This is such an awesome idea, @jamerussell! I can see why everyone was fawning so much over you tonight in #PYPT while you were AFK eating dinner...😊

Um, now I'm trying to figure out how many different shades of red there are! Hahaha! Yeah, that was totally unexpected and caught me way off guard! Thank you for the awesome comment!
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Are there so many people herewho write for a living? Hard to believe. If that is the case small chance you find them here. Merry days to.all. 💕

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I think that most of the professional writers that are on here crosspost with few different websites and services, along with places like Amazon. But I really don't believe that there are that many totally professional writers that write full books on Steem. Maybe a few, but I personally really do not know. Merry days to you as well @wakeupkitty.

@jamerussell Many left and it is not smarr to publish a book here if you want to publish it. Many left after the latest HF, some only read and comment.
Writers are not appreciated here, people like to rrad a few lines and leave. ❤️