Various types of exercise in keeping body and mind healthy.

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Various types of exercise in keeping body and mind healthy.

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1. Suitable exercises and eating habits and cheerful minds are the key to being healthy. Actually, we have so much anxiety in our lives that we can not be happy. But in the words, in the tension as much as the cancer has filled up in the tension. So if you want to live well then keep your mind alive. There is no alternative for good thinking and good work. You have to engage yourself with some creative work.

2. Exercise should start from the age of four years. There are many types of exercises. Exercise by exercising such as walking, swimming and running and jumping, using bicycle or other machinery and heavy lifting exercises, exercises by body organs and body parts, and yoga exercises keeping the body in special shape. All exercises benefit. But choosing the exercises for ages, physical needs, environmental benefits, time constraints, and emotional tendencies are good.

3. Walk 45 minutes a day. If you can not do it once in a few times. In this, all the organs of the body are flexible and in large quantities of oxygen in the brain decreases anxiety.

4. Good exercise to organize and massage the organs. Because it is not easy to get fat due to blood circulation. Here are some of the important parts of the body which are referred to the masses by which the nearest parts of the body are also beneficial. Whenever possible to massage the whole head, the blood circulates well in the brain, because the brain and nervous system are good and do not wear hair easily or not.Is not it.

5. Lying with two hands on the stomach, breathing deeply with the nose, slowly releasing the breath of breath, and increasing the energy of lungs and sleeping well for 20 minutes of the day. As long as possible to increase the overall strength of the body and to maintain the youth.

7. Give water flutter 25 times in the eyes while washing your mouth. Pull the nose as much as possible and pull it off. It will not be easy cold-cough. In addition, it is very helpful in headaches, cyanatides and migraine.

This way regular athletics will give you a nice and strong body. The refreshing and cleansing that you'll get in the job. Inspiring enthusiasm will work inside you.


মন ভালো রাখার জন্য আমাদের প্রতদিন ব্যায়াম করা দরকার এই ব্যায়াম এর মাধমে শরীর ভালো থাকে

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I think yoga and pranayam is better than body building! Iys just my opinion!

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I like your experience =)After other peoples well being comes the broken heart

completely agree with you we have so much of anxiety and tension now-a-days and we need to change our lifestyle.

It's great to see you doing exercises.

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