Lizard walks on water at the Maui Tropical plantation

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Although I was feeling a little sad that day I decided to put all that aside and on the last day of winter break IMG_2606.JPG
The kids and I decided to make it a special, fun day. First we went to the all you can eat buffet at the Kahili golf club. It was amazing. A full line of goodies like shrimp Alfredo, local style fried rice, miso soup, ahi poke, mac-nut pancakes with real maple syrup, chicken parmesan, a full carving station, salad bar, make fresh in front of you omelet bar, and a lot more. The desserts were amazing too. Lots of kinds of pies and cakes fresh from a local bakery. My favorite was the lilikoi cheese cake. We ate way too much bacon and chocolate cream pie..and sorry for the fact that I am normally health conscious on my blogs I stress that it is important to me but this was sort of my day off and time to have fun with the kids. After that amazing meal we went to the Maui tropical plantation which I had not visited for years. For those of you not from Hawaii the Maui tropical plantation is a cool place to visit that was made from the old pineapple plantation. They had a lot of cool stuff going on there like zip lining over serene looking bodies of water, a really great coffee shop with the best cheddar biscuits, vegetable quiches, and fresh brewed coffee and tea. (Yes I know I can't believe I was still hungry after that all you can eat buffet.) It was a really nice day. One of our favorite things at the plantation was feeding the ducks, they sell duck food there and you can feed them and the big fish they have there. They are very cute. The cool thing that happened was my oldest daughter caught a lizard and it jumped out into the pond. I thought it was going to drown but what do you know? that bugger could swim..literally walk on water. Pretty cool. Posted here are some of the pictures from our last day of winter break including my little sweetie pie baby Nalani at the buffet.