The Bernician’s daughter.

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To take a child away from loving parents is without doubt the cruelest punishment anyone can administer. It is beyond anyones imagination to understand the kind of torment this heinous crime inflicts upon those who have endured such loss.

Ask any parent and they will say without hesitation that they would give their own life for the safety of their child’s. It’s instinctive to feel that way because the love between a parent and their child is infinite and unconditional. This sacrosanct bond is the foundation of human life and the reason for our species success. A reality where this bond does not occur is a dark and hollow existence.

Those who forsake the value of family and look to use this bond as a weapon are truly the most evil beings and the biggest threat to our species. Outside the notion of murderers and perverts you would not think such people exist, but, sadly, they do. Very recently there has been a child taken away from two loving parents as a punishment for speaking out against authority. Yes, I understand how unbelievable that sounds. To take away someone’s child and place them into a foster home for no other reason other than to silence a critic, but read on and you’ll soon realise how true this actually is…


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”It was clearly a criminal operation from the outset, which involved surveilling our home until I left my wife and daughter alone in the house for the first time in several days to attend a notary appointment.”

”After my wife witnessed them watching me drive away, two alleged Detective Constables from Gateshead Police Station pulled up in an unmarked car in front of the house, knocked on the door and convinced my wife there was nothing she could do to prevent them taking our daughter into care, which they attempted to do before I returned from the notary’s office, around fifteen minutes after they arrived and six minutes before they left with the light of our lives, who was visibly in a state of shock.”


This account, taken from The Bernicians own blog page, goes on to describe the remarkably unorthodox way in which their daughter was taken away, for example: No social worker was in attendance, only the police; Contact details and identification numbers where purposely obfuscated; A foster family ready and waiting (something which the social services themselves admitted would normally take weeks if not months to put in place).

It is hard to grasp how something like this can happen, or even be possible. The fact is, it has happened and I imagine you want to understand why…

Who is “The Bernician”, and why would they take his daughter?


Before listening to Monday’s edition of UKColumn news, I had never heard of “The Bernician before. After hearing a short report about his ordeal I went to do some digging to find out who The Bernician was. At first glance I couldn’t understand why such an educated and accomplished man would be targeted in such a drastic way.


As I read on a little further I began to understand why this man and his family may have been targeted…


However, this wasn’t the first time I’d heard someone gain public attention by speaking out against the banking system. There are countless mavericks who have shone the light on these shady organisations and I’ve never heard about their children being taken into care? So why is The Bernician considered to be so dangerous and in need of such a severe punishment?


Ahh, the plot thickens…not only is The Bernician going after Big-Pharma, it looks like he’s going all-in by attempting to take everyone involved with the Covid scandal to court! (and rightfully so).

From the looks of The Bernician website, this man has a loooong history when it comes to rebelling against the system, and it’s also looks like he knows what he’s talking about too. This isn’t your average Joe taking a swipe at the establishment (and by that I mean no offence to those everyday freedom fighters who are out there doing what they can). The Bernician seems to me like someone who knows the law better than most High Court Judges and that makes him a very dangerous person indeed. But while he’s concentrating on things like the banking system it’s quite easy for him to go about his business unnoticed. Yes, the corrupt banking system is important, but to gain real public attention on a subject that has such varied effects upon the general public is hard to do. People can put up with banking fraud as long as they are getting by, or as long as there are grey areas large enough to allow them to play the system (even better when the system allows you to dirty your own hands - “let him without sin cast the first stone” - Get my drift?).

As we’ve all witnessed, Covid and it’s many different aspects has been an amazingly emotive situation, no matter which side of the fence you sit on. For someone as educated and well versed in the law as The Bernician, for him to pick up the Covid baton must have been very concerning for those with his crosshair on their back. This guy knows how to navigate the courts and certainly knows how to put together a case. Furthermore, The Bernician is a critically acclaimed director and the last thing the establishment need is someone like this making a hard-hitting Covid documentary (oh, too late).


Is this enough to take a child?

Besides the obvious, nothing is enough to take a child from a parent. Speaking out against the establishment is no reason for them to attack you in this way and the actions of those perpetrating this crime obviously give no regard for the emotional distress this has on the child being used as a weapon. I guess this disregard can be expected from those politicians who are at the sharp end of The Bernician’s spear, but how can the Social Services justify taking this child away? At the end of the day it is them who must be used as the governments chosen tool of punishment, but they still have to justify their actions (even if it is to the UK’s Kangaroo Family Courts). On what grounds do they apply to a Family Court Judge with an application to remove a child from his/her parents? Obviously I am not privy to detailed info and can only go off what information The Bernician website offers. Nonetheless this must be considered and taken in good faith, so let’s take a look…

“Given the complete lack of evidence presented against me and my wife, whom the child snatchers have contemptibly accused of covering up what social services spuriously allege to be tantamount to a risk of significant harm from:

1. Refusing to register our daughter’s birth, which cost Newcastle City Council access to funds from a lucrative Government Life Annuity they can only receive in the names of registered children.
2. Homeschooling her, rather than enrolling her in the immoral state education system, which sexualises children as young as four years old and holds mass vaccinations in schools.
3. Not getting her vaccinated because we know the jabs are neither safe nor effective but they are potentially deadly and often cause infertility.”


A pretty weak set of reasons to take a child away from loving parents, IMO. Setting aside reason No.1 (which if you read the arguments already settled in court you’ll understand there is no grounds for concern), reason No.2 holds the parents to account on their decision to homeschool their child.

This reasoning seems very weak on face value and I can only assume some details have been left out by The Bernician as homeschooling your child is quite legal and therefore would be a bizarre reason to apply for an order to place a child into care. Again, I am not privy to more specific information and can only go on what information is available.

“Moreover, when the council’s welfare officer paid her last of three visits when she was three years old, she described her as “remarkably intelligent, charming and obviously thriving, in every sense”, which prompted the smiling woman to suggest that we might well be paving the way for the future of parenting.”

”Almost seven years later, our home-educated daughter is already a prize-winning still life artist, who loves animals, the great outdoors, the books of Tolkien, playing the piano, swimming, gymnastics, trampolining, dance, drama, crafting, creative writing and chess.”

”She is also a gold, silver and bronze medalist in regional and national Taekwondo and Kick-boxing competitions, who is due to earn her first black belt on her tenth birthday.”

”In other words, she’s a an autodidactic, supremely confident, proper little Ninja, in peak physical, mental, emotional and spiritual condition. It is both a constant joy and a privilege to be her father.”

”She lives and loves every moment of her life to the full, makes friends wherever she goes and can hold intelligent conversations with people of any and all descriptions, on a myriad of subjects.”

”Without doubt, she is living proof that the welfare of a British child is immaterial to whether their birth was registered, as everybody who has spent time in her wonderful company would testify.”

Not exactly the words of a neglectful parent, or a description of an underachieving child, right?

Going from this information, we can strike the first two reasons the Social Services have put forward. But what about reason No.3?

Ok, I shouldn’t laugh but it’s hard not to, considering the amount of data that’s come out against the Covid “vaccinations”. Regardless, even the most hardened covid advocate should have reservations about using this as an excuse to TAKE A CHILD AWAY FROM HIS/HER PARENTS AND PLACE THEM INTO A FOSTER HOME WITHOUT ANY CONSENT.

As you can tell, to me this seems insane and the reasoning that upholds this decision appears to be tenuous to say the least. I can only hope this is some kind of twisted scare tactic being employed against
The Bernician and his family in order to silence him. Hopefully, with his knowledge of the due process and the law in general, The Bernician will not be too long kept apart from his beloved daughter. In the meantime I pray for her safety while being kept in the care system and hope this does not have too much of an affect upon her. As for The Bernician, who knows how he will react? Of course, his entire soul will be tirelessly working towards the safe return of his daughter. But what after that? Will he continue his case against Sir Whitty, Mathew Hancock, and Ferguson?

IMO, whether he does or he doesn’t is irrelevant. Those who are inclined to follow him and listen to what he says should look upon the punishment he has received and take it as confirmation that we are dealing with a rogue state, a tyrannical government. Because what other kind of monster would carry out such a heartless crime as this…?


For anyone wanting to help The Bernician or find out more, please visit his website.

Thank you for reading my post.


I can't believe this. I have been a follower of Michael's work when I first discovered John Harris about 15years ago. I remember that he never registered the birth of his child so I thought they would be safe as the government had no legal ownership. Man I am In shock, the last I heard he was taking Witty, Hancock Johnson and the usual suspects to court for crimes committed during the plandemic.

Ok, I have to go now as I want to read the whole article, Thanks for sharing brother.


This man is a legend. He took the banks to court for mortgage fraud and won, Every single mortgage in the UK is a fraud and he exposed it, he then went on to beat the Tax man by using legalese and common law. He is a true gentleman and a self educated wizard whom I have so much respect for. They really messed with the wrong man, MOB has back up by a network of some very determined people who won't let this happen.

I missed monday's episode of UK column. I'm shaking. Can't believe it

Hi Mark 🙂 sounds like this guy has been quite an inspiration and accomplished some great things. I can't understand how he's passed me by?? He's definitely in my reading list now but looks like I e got some back catalogue to get through!
Awful news about his daughter but I really do think she'll be back with them soon as it doesn't seem there's a real case to stand from.

I've just done some digging and it looks he has some info in his arsenal that could bring down the whole CBDC central bank digital currency plan. Trust me, when this guy goes for something he always finds a way to win. This might be why the are gunning for him now. They are doing this to distract him or slow him down.

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Thank you 🙂

So blatant. Dont they have any shame ?

I think it’s a conscience they’re missing too! I tried to look for an update on the situation but couldn’t find anything.