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These 2 children lost their father. He was brutally attacked in the Philippines. It's the nieces of @mhm-philippines.

The oldest niece of mhm-philippines witnessed this attack on her father. Daddy William ( @mhm-philippines) decided that their mother and the 2 kids should come live with his family so that he can provide for them and see to their education.


He is busy building a home for them. He made a few posts about this. You can read about it here.

Please upvote and reblog this post. All proceeds will go to @mhm-philippines to help him with this cause.

Please also support the @familyprotection community under @canadian-coconut who started this community.


Thank you for reading.



Thank you dear sister!

My pleasure ❣️

Hi dear brother the post paid out. I will pay over as soon as I get a chance. I received one or two donations of hive too.

Thank you so much dear sister! Shalom!

You can never be insensitive to the sufferings of others. As the poet John Donne said: don't ask who the bell tolls for, they tolle for you.

Thank you for your empathy, support and kind words.

My pleasure

I'm here thanks to a tweet by @unklebonehead. Thank you for making a difference.

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Wow thank you #traciyork for stopping by and the support and thanks @unklebonehead.

Thank you so much for this Hope. I’ve had the privilege of having @mhm-philippines stay with my family for a few days last year. He is a great guy and the funds would be going to a very good cause. Upvoted and reblogged.

It's a pleasure. Thank you for the support. It's really appreciated.

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How horrific that this should happen to any family, and God bless those with stepped up to lend a hand.

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Just glad to know I can ask a few friends on Hive to help. Thank you so much for the support. ❣️
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Thank you so much❣️

So thoughtful of you reaching out to help raise some funds 🙏. I appreciate you letting us, the Hive community know.

I wish them only the best with this new journey 😊.

I'll also send over to you a small gift to pass along. Thank you!

Thank you for the "gift". I will do one transfer to Daddy William after the post payout.

Upvoted & reblogged to spread the news of this horrible crime & senseless death, as well as to get some much needed assistance for the relatives of @mhm-phillipines from members of the Hive community.

I'm sorry for your loss. Prayers to the wife, children, family and friends!🙏✝️

Thank you very much. Really appreciate your support and kind words.
I will pass your sympathies to @mhm-phillipines (Daddy William).