When juvenile outrage happens somewhere far from the center of the country, it's clear, moreover, my country is really huge, and it consists of so many different regions. But when such cases happen in the capital, it's total outrage.
Thanks God, there as fast, as they appear, so fast they disappear. There power of laws works better if parents use them right.

Just like in this case.
A mother has a 8pyear old boy. She is divorced, and the divorce happened not long ago. Of course, it's a great collapse for any family and a great tragedy for any kid. Both parents and kids need time to adapt to this new life and calm down.

One day the mother got a call from the head of the school:

  • We're waiting for you right now at school. Police is here as well.
  • What happened?? - the mother was really frightened for her kid.

The problem was that boy was absent at school too often. So he said to his Mom he went to school but didn't go there. An ordinary thing for any schoolkid. In this case the boy was absent too much, he had great stress because of the divorce and needed time to be lonely, he had apathy and no wish to study, though he didn't say about it to his Mom having no wish to make her upset.

Was it a reason to call police?? Of course, no, especially, if it was the first info for the Mother!

She came to school and had a serious talk with the head of the school.
And how surprised she was when the school head took off her son's personal data not from the common box but from the separate box!
She was interested why....and then she saw the title of this box
"Divorced families and families with low income".

What a nice surprise!
Isn't a school a place for collecting data about families and transfer it to CPS after it??

Then she understood anything. Then she got the reason of all attacks on her. Of course he as not the only student who missed classes, but missing classing + a divorced family! Combo!

The mother was absolutely right to contact a lawyer who was experienced in family cases with CPS.
It was enough of 1 call of the lawyer to the school head to stop all attacks on this mother and her son.
Moreover, the mother made the school head to register free visits for her son (he could go to lessons when he could, and his absence didn't provoke any questions to her).

It was her victory!
Of course, she will help her son to overcome his stress caused by the divorce, and now she is sure, CPS will have no questions to her any more.