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Leaving the country, where war actions are being held, people hope for better life and safety in another country. But instead of protection, they face juvenile justice that is waiting for them with a great desire to get their kids.

Ukrainians started leaving their country in 2022, and most of them went to European countries, where they were always dreaming to find happiness and good life.
In fact, they found their cruel rules of local CPS for whom refugees are always a great victim.

First trouble news about refugees in Europe who lost their kids appeared 2 years ago. At that time mass-media told about 79 cases of CPS outrage, a member of the Main Council of the Administration of Zaporozhye Region (Ukraine) Vladimir Rogov said.

“Children are taken away because they do not eat all food they are given, or vice versa - they eat their dishes too fast, or for a very strong emotional attachment to their parents, for the fact that the mother scolded the child loudly,” Rogov specified.
He noted that the largest number of such incidents occur in Germany.

And we do know why.
Jugendampt in Germany is known because of cruel rules and numerous cases of kids confiscation.

Now 2 years passed, but the situation hasn't become better!
Parents continue to lose their kids!

225 rufugees children were taken away in the European Union - these are only cases officially confirmed by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The most depressing situation is in Germany, where 71 children were taken away from Ukrainian parents.

Things are no better in other countries: Poland - 33 children, Italy - 25, Czech Republic - 24, Sweden - 17.

Those who have to help use the weakness of these people and just steal their kids...