The cheater and the killer - A short story - Part 3

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The captain on the boat was very friendly and even though his English was not up to standard they were able to communicate fairly well. John and Sarah enjoyed the wonderful sunshine on their faces and they were both utterly excited about the prospects of the island.  Sarah started to get seasick after an hour on the boat and John also did not feel very well.  The overeating the previous night did not help a lot with the situation and when they finally reached the island, Sarah looked as if she was dying.

It was really an awkward situation but Sarah started to feel better when she felt the solid ground beneath her. She sat down on the sand and she was just taking in the breathtaking scene of the remote island around her. She watched as they unpacked the boat and carried everything to the little tree-house where they would be staying.  It was wonderful to be part of this experience and the tree-house was primitive but livable.  The captain left them after making sure they knew everything and what they should look out for.  He would be back in the morning to check on them and bring them breakfast. 

It was the first day of their adventure and both John and Sarah wanted to make the best of this experience.  After unpacking and putting everything in storage they decided to go on an exploration mission to try and find their way around on the island. There was literally nothing on the island except trees with plentiful fruit to eat, and after their walk, they went for a swim in the beautiful clear ocean water.  

John put his hand at spear fishing and became a pro after a few tries.  Sarah laughed at the sight of him but she was looking forward to their fish lunch.  The whole seasick experience made her quite hungry although she felt earlier as if she never wanted to eat again.  

John cooked the fish he caught over an open fire and Sarah made a fruit salad with some fresh berries, paw-paw's and bananas she picked.  It was one of the best meals they had ever had and they enjoyed every minute of their experience so far.  

It was mid afternoon when they went back to the tree-house to take a nap, and John was glad he took the option of a proper bed.  Even though he wanted to make this experience as natural as possible he honestly didn't want to sleep on the sand in a tent or on the floor of a tree-house.  

They made love and fell asleep in each other's arms.  Sarah was still fast asleep when John woke up a few hours later.  He heard a strange noise on the roof and lay still for a few minutes to decide if he needed to check it out.  It sounded as if someone was scratching on the roof, but because he was not used to the environment he was not sure if it were the branches or if it was a monkey or something trying to steal some food.  This was the only thing the captain warned them about and told them to make sure to keep everything locked up.  

John lay still for a few minutes but the scratching continued and he decided to check it out.  He nearly laughed at himself when he walked outside and saw a monkey on the roof looking like a burglar trying to get in. 

He chased the monkey away and went back up to the tree-house. Sarah woke up when he stepped inside the house, and called him back to bed.  They spent the rest of the afternoon in bed and it felt as if they were on their honeymoon again.  By eight o clock John was exhausted and hungry.  It was much cooler during the night and he went down to make a fire on the beach.  

They sat and talked for hours and both of them felt as peaceful as they could be.  It was a wonderful evening under the stars and the fresh air was indescribable.  It was nearly midnight when Sarah started yawning and John suggested that she went to bed.  He was going to follow soon after he extinguished the fire.  He drank a last beer and sat for a few more minutes just taking in the fresh air before turning in.  For the first time in many years he felt free and relaxed and this trip was more than he could dream of.  

He walked back towards the tree-house and couldn't shake the feeling that he was being watched. Perhaps he just had too much to drink, and he climbed up the ladder to the tree-house.  Sarah was fast asleep when he pulled up the ladder.  For some reason he had a very eerie feeling and he lay in the dark struggling to fall asleep.  

He dosed off a few hours later and he was still asleep by morning.  He smiled at the thought of where they were and turned to his side to wake up Sarah.  Sarah was no longer in bed, and he quickly got up to check where she went.  She was nowhere in sight and for a few minutes he felt very panicked.  What would he do without Sarah? 

Sarah emerged a few minutes later and he felt extremely relieved to see her.  

"Where did you go Sarah? You cannot just walk around here without me. Please wake me up next time if you want to go sightseeing."

"Yes boss!" She said sounding very annoyed.  "The captain was here. He brought us breakfast or have you forgotten about the food delivery?"

John looked embarrassed but Sarah smiled and handed him the food.  Everything was neatly packed inside a plastic container and they ate as if they haven't seen food in weeks.  

"I'm going to pick up ten kilograms in the next few days!" Sarah said after they finished eating.  

"I would love you even if you pick up twenty kilogram!" John said before pulling her closer.  He kissed her passionately before running into the ocean and she followed him. They felt like children splashing each other with water and they were soaking wet.  Sarah removed her clothes and stood their naked in front of him, and he couldn't stay away from her even if he wanted to.     

- To be continued- 




John could be on for an exhausting holiday, better increase the daily rations to keep his strength up.

A tree house sounds much more fun than a tent, or making their own shelter Bear Grylls style. But I'm waiting for the other show to drop now...

Hey Deb how are you? Glad to see you're still reading my stories....hope you're well.

Island is starting to sound creepy... Where to next?

No clue....will have to see. How is the rain on your side? It's absolutely terrible on this side....

House in Doonside slipped down to the sea along with the road, Toti flooded out again. Disaster on all roads into city with flooding, rain damage has been devastating, trust your family are all safe as are mine.

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