What would you do if I have you $100k?

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Someone asked me recently:

What would you do if you had $100k?

My first thought was well, what did I do to earn that money?, but it might not be yours. If the above feels like a little to you, adjust it accordingly to the standards of the country that you live in. But in Romania, that's a lot of money. It would amount to roughly eight or nine years' salary, or about that. So quite a bit of money.

Now, the rules are as follows:

  • You have no outstanding debt;
  • Your bills, and other matters are accounted for (or up to date);
  • Ideally, you should try to avoid answers such as "groceries", as this is an exercise of imagination, but also of financial interest.


What would you do if you woke up with $100k, and could spend them whichever way you liked? My own answer was I'd probably buy an apartment somewhere in the city, and invest the little I had left. I think real estate is a very valuable asset, and undeniably a lifeline when things get tough. And I think crypto (which was my main investment of choice) also has quite a bit of potential, too.

But what about you? What would you spend your hundred on? Remember that this money is interest-free, and that the circumstances are ideal. You've no financial obligations to tie you down whatsoever. So, what would you do? Would you invest the cash? In what?
Would you throw wild, Gatsby parties?
Would you spend it on expensive apparel, and equipment?
What's more, what would be your main goal with your money? Have a little fun, or build towards the future?

Personally, I was surprised. Two years ago, I would've said travel, beyond the shadow of a doubt. But perhaps recent circumstances have changed my perspective. Have they changed yours?


My first thought when I read the title was to pay off the last of the mortgage, but apparently we already did that.

100k here in Australia goes a lot less further than Romania, for sure. You wouldn't get an apartment in the city for that.

I think it would have to go towards solar and an electric car. Or maybe just to replace both of our cars before they fall apart on us. I don't think it would stretch to all three, unless hubby was willing to compromise, which he generally isn't. 🤣

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Still, two cars isn't a bad deal, ye? Sounds like a pretty good investment to me ;)

Considering all debts are zeroed out I would take 90% and invest it, 50% in traditional index funds/50% in crypto. $100k wouldn't be enough to buy real estate here in our area (starter homes are approaching $300k) so I would grow the investment until I could purchase a home. I'd have fun with the other 10%, maybe an overseas trip somewhere warm. : )

Love it :) Both long-term planning, and short-term pleasure!

Have to have a healthy mix of both!

Nice to think about prosperity!

I'd give some portion of it to people in my life who really need some extra cash.

Then a little travel, probably some land and some tiny houses on it, and more HIVE! I'm happy to see my vote grow and I'd love to be a whale here. :)

I love seeing that a lot of people are thinking about the future, while also keeping an eye out for some short-term fun :)

I would do immediately what I´m contemplating right now anyway,
but with an additional 100 k it would be a piece of cake:
Buy ten hectares of land in Bolivia and have a house built on it.

I would not have thought about that! Good one!

I would bring my mother to see other countries in the world ❤. That way I can fulfill her dream while spending time with her.☺

What a beautiful idea <3

@honeydue thank you💚💚