🐟 Our New Freshwater Aquarium

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For the Holidays this year, we got our son a 5 gallon fish tank. He has been wanting one for a while now and is finally old enough to help take care of the fish.

We picked up the Imagitarium 5.2 GAL Freshwater Cube Aquarium Kit on sale to give him as a gift, which is pretty cool since it comes with just about everything you need for the tank itself (water pump, filters, LED (daylight white and blue), lib, etc. The only thing the kit does not come with, which is required for optimum health of the fish and ecosystem, is an air pump/aeration system which I purchased separately.

We brought our son to the pet store after New Years to pick out the decorations, and 2 days later to pick out the first fish once the tank was running and stable. He was allowed to pick from any of the ones labeled "begginers" on the display :grin: and of course a tiger pleco because you need one of those. The starfish character was a late addition yesterday when we went back to pick up the 2 fancy guppies (orange tails).

Here is the tank during the setup/stabilizing process showing the daylight light and the blue (glow) light modes. This was before the fish and starfish character were added in.

Now I just have to break out my pro camera (instead of phone) to try to take better pictures of these little guys. They swim too fast for the phone camera to keep them in focus.

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