Fishing is all about the experience

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My Grandson Ryder and I began the day fishing at Jordanelle Reservoir here in good old Utah

It was slightly breezy, but not cold at all. Overall it was a beautiful morning




We moved around to a few different spots and after a couple of hours with no action,we packed up and headed to nearby Deer Creek Reservoir

On the drive over, we talked about a few things, cracked some jokes which let to me making up songs about corona and other shenanigans. I swear I just dont have it in me to ever grow up 🤣

Mt Timpanogos


By now it was mid afternoon. One thing that is a given: It's ALWAYS windy @ Deer Creek Res in the afternoon. Fishing generally dies off at this time of day

We were bound and determined not to come home empty handed. After a few hours, it wasnt looking like we were gonna have any luck. I was getting tired of the wind and was thinking it was time to call it. Then I heard- "Grandpa, I got one"
He sure did!


It made my day just watching Ryder reel in that nice, fat Rainbow trout. He said it was the biggest fish he has caught so far. We stayed out a bit longer. I got some bites and had on a small mouth bass for a min, but I didnt land him. Ryder had another big Rainbow on, but lost him in the weeds right at the shore

What a great day! It is rare that I get to spend time with Ryder, just me and him. I was happy I was there in that moment. Even though I didn't catch anything, I was totally content. This is what the best part of fishing is all about for me!


That's fantastic. Some of my best memories are back with the fam on camping trips. My dad used to deal with my tangles. 🤣

Those days inspired the love for fishing that I carry with me to this day. I love screaming line on big yellowtail here off the SoCal coast. I also love being in a river with a fly rod.

Best of wishes to you and your grandson! 👍👍

Very nice thank you 👊
I would love to fish out on the ocean. Do you hit the shore or go out on a boat?

My old man was a doc here in the Tri City area of Carlsbad, Oceanside, and Vista, California. North San Diego county. We used to go on trips to Mammoth during the summer where he got good at untangling my line!

He was never really into ocean fishing, but one of his patients took us out on a small craft and we caught big bonito. I was around 12 or so and I was hooked. It wasn't until I was 19 though that I met some friends who also loved fishing offshore.

I even worked on a boat called the Electra out of Oceanside for a season and a half. Just shouldn't have waited to do it til I was 43. 😁 Ocean fishing is something else but it's expensive.

Gotcha! I'll bet you can do pretty well on the shore. I went once many years ago outside of Petaluma. We hiked out on the rocks. Caught some cool looking rock fish. I caught my biggest fish there- a leopard shark

Party trout party trout..

Nice trout

It was tasty

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Spectacular photos Michael, especially that last one, WOWEEEE!!

I'm glad you had a chance to bond with your Grandson, BLESS!!

Thanks Lynds! 😘