Fishing with underwater camera

in #fishing6 years ago (edited)

Me and @karja went out to fish herring the other day, and thought we should bring the actioncam with to get some underwater shots. It weren't before we came back home on the computer to look over the footage that we realized how many nice clips we got, and were stunned by it. I absolutely did not expect this good looking UVmovies with an actioncam. Here are some gifs I made that sums up the entire ordeal quite well, enjoy!

Thanks for looking!


Flotte videoer. Er selv ivrig fisker :) Har fulgt deg @rarepepe

Takk takk :) har fulgt tilbake, fint å se flere fiskere på steemit!

Flotte bilder.. Ser du har kjempebra fiskelykke..

Takk! ja, vi fant sild-steemen tilslutt :)

Good photos

Thanks! The quality if slightly reduced by converting raw footage to gif but I'm glad you liked it :)

Kult! Det må jeg prøve en gang! :)

So cool to see the fish swimming underwater! Great videos. Thanks for sharing :D

Next time you must try catch a halibut with the camera .

Haha!! Yes!! That would be crazy fun!! Bring the camera with you all the time, and suddenly you catch a big halibut :D

Whaaat!!!?? That is soooo cool!!! :D Superawesome, and it makes fishing even more fun! The videos are great! I must see them on your computer when I get back home :D

Kult! Flotte bilder. Hvor fikk dere dem, ved Straumsnes:)?

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