Five years on the Block

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July 31st, 2022
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Five years on the Block

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Soon, if not already, that will add one more user bringing the total to 134406.

I started 5 years ago over on the other chain, when the fork occurred, I moved and have not looked back at the other site.

I use to comment a lot more than I do now, and I also used to post a lot more than I have this year.

It has not been a good year, but I am still here, and still looking and reading and playing games. I am also still voting on content. There is a lot of things to see and do and participate in on the HIVE blockchain.

I was never much of a social media type person before HIVE. Like many I had a twitter, a facebook and of course a youtube access, I never really liked any of them. I went fro message boards, parachat, ICQ, POW-WOW and several other online social type sites. None of them offered what is available on HIVE blockchain. A place to share with people and a place to have fun with minimum trollish activity thus making it still a pleasure after these five years.

This year has not been very good for me at all. Starting with a collapsed lung, (Pneumothorax), and seven new holes in the right half of my body in the rib area.(one day I may do a selfie of them, but likely not). In total I spent 28 days in the hospital.

That lengthy hospital stay left me a few other problems that I am trying to resolve, and I am hoping that my kidney issues are going to be able to be resolved with out another hospital stay, still a few weeks away from know how that works out.

Cardio re-hab is not an easy thing, I lost a lot of muscle mass in that hospital stay and still find it difficult to walk very much or very far. My photography hobby is on the back burner for now until I have a bit more mobility and flexibility.

Getting old is a real pain at times, but I am still moving still growing and still learning, probably will be until the day I stop moving.

I am getting pretty tired of having to be at different doctors and have different test and such done. Since last Sunday, I did not HAVE to do anything on Wednesday, and today Sunday. Retirement I thought was the end of HAVE to go times, I thought my time was going to be my time, and while it is, spending time at doctors offices, clinics, and hospitals is not how I wanted to be retired. I would much rather be spending time in the mountains taking pictures, or on the beach taking picture.

I have gotten back into reading a lot lately due to my health issues. Just prior to retiring in 2012 I bought a Kindle reader, and read a lot of good free books and stories. I have caught up on a few of the series I was reading.

Currently one of the authors I have been reading is Rick Partlow and I just finished his Earth at War Book 5. book 6 will not be out until December. If you like David Drake you might want to give Rick a read. Along with his Earth at war series I have read his Drop trooper series, (10 books).

One of the things I do not like about Amazon Kindle Unlimited is that I have a tendency to forget which author I was reading. When you buy the books they stay in your kindle library, but unlimited is like borrowing from the library and you have to return them.

Well it is August first in UTC time so I may as well end this here.

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Congrats on 5 years and wishing you a speedy recovery.

Thank you, every day gets better, mostly.


Congrats on your Hive birthday! 🎉 Getting old is not all it’s cut out to be. Sorry you had health issues lately. It’s not fun going through a lot of tests and visiting doctor’s offices. Take care and all the best.

Thank you, I am sure I will be fine, it is just a long recovery time for me it seems.

Happy 5th anniversary and Happy Hive Birthday, @bashadow! :)
I wishing you a fast recovery, @bashadow, with every happy hope that your getting well keeps going well. This too will pass, you will be well again and enjoy nature!
All the best!

Thank you, all it takes to heal is a little time.

You need to post more lol. I want to send you SBI

I've been having a hard time posting this year due to health issues, Most of my trips are to doctors and very very few pleasure trips. It get boring talking about health, and I just have not been able to be creative lately.

Thinking good things for you :)

Thank you. Recovery is a long process.

Thank you so much for the tip you sent me. I hope your hospital days are drastically shortened and that you get back to your love of photography. God Bless you abundantly.

Thank you, Sorry for the monetary loss you had, I hope it helps a little bit.

I hope this year brings you better health Bashadow <3 Congrats on the milestone! Sending you good vibes <3

I would say it can't get any worse, but that would not be helpful. I am keeping my spirits up and thank you for the well wishes. Also congrats on the farming adventure, looks like you all will be having a nice fall harvest.

Congratulations @bashadow! You received a personal badge!

Happy Hive Birthday! You are on the Hive blockchain for 5 years!

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Thank you.

Happy Hive Birthday @bashadow

Congrats on your birthday on Hive. 🥳🥳🥳🥳

And I do hope that you will get a good result on your kidney issue, so you don't have to do it on hospital. You have been through a lot on this year.

big hug for you from the other side of the world. sending some !LUV and !PIZZA to you

It has been a hard year, but hopes are still high, and spirits are still up.

Happy 5th Birthday !

Sorry it has not been a good year. Glad you are still here all the same.

I don't have a Kindle, but it sure seems like there should be some sort of history list or something.

Hope things get turned around for you soon.

If you buy the book, even if it is free it stays in your library and counts to the total read, but if it is a borrowed book it does not count on the kindle. It does let you know if you read the book when you go to read it though.

🎊 Happy Hive Birthday 🎉 ❤ @bashadow! :-)
Wishing you many more moons 🌙 to come!

Thank you hoping for a lot more.

I might be a month late with this but still:

Happy anniversary

Oh man, I'm so sorry about your health issues. I hope you get better, soon. My best wishes for you. Please, keep us updated, so we maybe can provide you with thoughtful comments on your journey to recovery.

It has not been a fun year at all, but I am still alive, still fighting to live and still surviving. I know it will be a slow process for my recovery, but I am sure I will recover.

First of all, Congratulations on turning 5! That is quite an accomplishment. I know what you mean on not looking back. I'll be turning 5 next March 2023.. Looking forward to it.

Sorry to hear about your health turning for the worse. I wish you a speedy recovery and will send you some thoughts and prayers to help it along. Sounds like you've been through the ringer. Get well buddy!

It has not been a good year, but those years happen sometimes, still recovering, and I know it will be a long road, but so is life.

Thanks for the the good thoughts.

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Thank you.