Mini Milestone reached 100 followers 60 reputation

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So much has happened it has been so amazing the last days here on Steemit.

 Yesterday I reached 101 followers and my reputation is now over 60 and SP 3750.

I was thinking this would take months to reach. 

My funding series for my new laptop and coding clases was a total success thanks to one extremely generous donor. 

I have already exchanged my steemdollars into bitcoin and will be buying my device in the next days and will be posting an update then with pictures and a huge thanks to everybody that upvoted me and helped to get my YouTube video posts on the radar.

Big thanks to my mom and dad for helping me and pushing me to do cool things like this.

Please upvote,follow and Resteem 



I wouldn't call that milestone mini. Congratulations on such a great start. You have a new follower! STEEM ON!!

Wow, Congrats on reaching your goal this fast! A hugeee donation by @ned . Well done and have fun with your new laptop!

its awesome, thanks for your comment

Well deserved keep on STEEMing

Thankyou so very much

Congrats on your milestone. I am at 97 but I am finding it hard to get the last 3. Hopefully I'll join the club soon :)

Congratulations. Well deserved. Stephen


thankyou so much

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Congratulations. I'm not sure if I mentioned this to you before.
FYI, there's a bug with using 5 tags causing only one to work. For example, you won't see your this post in
There's a few people who wrote about this before. This is one of the post:

thanks, I will take notice

you can still edit this post and delete one of the 2nd to 5th tags

This was a very lucky break and I have never seen a @ned donation of 975 before! Wow! You did it!