How as a minion you can become more like a Whale

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Hi my name is Cian Dafe.
In this post I will attempt to share with you a formula for getting ahead FAST on Steemit !

The formula I will be sharing is known as the RVL formula and was shared with me by my friend Fraser Mcdonald.

The RVL formula has helped him to make a lot of money from FREE facebook marketing ( $20,000 weekly)

The R in the RVL formula stands for " Results "

Create 1 post daily where you share your results. People like to be around others who are getting somewhere.
By sharing your results of success on Steemit other minions will want to know how you did it and will be happy to follow you. Results are social proof, they say to your audience " I know what im doing ".

These results could come in the form of screenshot proof of your Steem followers ......


These results could come in the form of screenshots of your Steem power holdings...


Or it may be some other form of proof.

The V in the formula stands for VALUE.

It is said that "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder " similarly what is of value for one person may not be of interest to others. For example I myself would have found it very valuable to have a step by step tutorial 5 minutes ago on " how to upload a gif to Steemit " Im sure there is an article on this. And a video on the same topic may have been even more valuable. At the moment many people on steemit are cryptocurrency enthusiasts, so any information that will help them to solve some of the problems they face from day to day will be likely to be valued. For example.......

How to earn more Steemit.
How to power up.
How to get the upvote of a whale.
How to make your posts more attractive.

These are all examples of posts that may be of value to my followers. The list is endless. Just think of a pain point that your audience may be experiencing. Or better still ... ask them ! A short video asking your audience what three problems they would most like to solve in their business should get you some excellent value topics.

The L in our formula stands for " Lifestyle "

People want to work with an associate with exciting people who lead positive lives. And this is one way that you can stand out from the crowd and win the votes that you need to succeed. Sharing pictures, videos and stories about your life and lifestyle makes your post unique. No one is you and brand " Cian " is a brand that no bot can copy.


Not everyone will be interested in working with me... and that's OK. But as you share your story on Steemit and people learn about your likes, dislikes and interests etc, two things will happen......

Firstly you are being transparent. You may not be perfect... nobody is, But when you have seen a person on video sharing their thoughts and feelings (and of course what they spent there steem profits on) you will begin to know, like and trust them. And with that comes upvotes and possibly support of the projects you recommend.

Secondly you will make yourself stand out from the crowd. You see anyone can make a post just like your last one.
They can swap the words around a bit and hey presto ! the bot did it again !....
But NOBODY can be you ! You are unique, and your videos will be unique your past is unique, It will be a long time before a BOT can do a better job of just being you !

And finally for those who have come this far... the icing on the cake..... The next and final step for success is to follow people who you like ! Comment on their posts ( after reading it) mention what you liked about it and let them know you have followed them, they are welcome to follow you back... and you will be looking out for their next post !

Wishing you all the success you can manage,


PS... Please follow me, comment and upvote ;)
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Thank you for this post, very helpful.

Your welcome @elewarne

Wow, so many followers
I admire @cian.dafe
How do you do that?
I love the minions. ❤️ Sweet

Thanks, the more you follow others in your niche, the more they will follow you back ;)
I will try to do a video that explains how soon.

Wow, I followed you before I knew I was a minion ;) Good post and tips.

Thanks Mike ! Got it from another post. Made me laugh.

❤ great stuff

This is basically a recipe to succeed in almost any sphere or niche.