lets see how this all plays out
time to be cautious and ready to act quickly
Bernie you are in this article

Veteran steem whale @berniesanders lashed out in trademark fashion as well, with an incendiary comment on the post:

Rofl. At least they didn't call Steem proprietary.

You mean "Steemitans".... was that ever a thing ... ever?

More likely "Sheepians". :D
But many people really do leaving the platform (both Steemit and the Steem blockchain), so this "jumping off" imagine is in well place.

Fuck off Ned

Not sure if it was a good call, but I can see the intention :)

Congrats on the exit, and whatever the past and deal, I hope you were able to get what you wanted. Are you still one foot in Steem from a non-operational level?

Your entire stream was snarky. I transcribed the thing... what a joke.

You're not fooling anyone.

it never was :/ .... it made sense for that tweet tho

If it was never a thing, why should it make sense to tweet that garbage?

I guess it made you look clean, since you "only" addressed the users and that's what you were trying to frame as who the selling of Steemit Inc. would effect, eh?

Truth is, the selling is effecting the whole Steem ecosystem in a huge and possibly also catastrophic way. Thus is would have made sense to address Steemians.

Make Steemitan a thing then. It speaks to Steemit is not Steem. Which you are fan of saying too.

Just go away you fucker. After a year or more you suddenly remembered there is a community to address and communicate with. Go enjoy your millions and have fun but make sure they last you a bit because nobody will want to have any kind of business with you in the future. And you are probably too old to flip burgers on McDonald's.

Of course, Steemitan can be a thing. It just wasn't the correct way to adress those individuals who have been invested on this blockchain for the past years, waiting for SMT & communities. Those aren't Steemitans, they're Steemians.


While I fail to see where Steemit has any kind of a sustainable business plan, I am quite certain that nothing will result in the total demise of the Steemit forum platform, more so than will some of Steemit's own Witnesses and long-time members. Witnesses like @themarkymark, his sidekick @buildawhale, and long-time members like @steemcleaners @roomservice @bullionstackers @freebornangel @quarantine @bookguy @mack-bot @the-reef @block-power @blockcreate @steemcleaner and others, have done far more to alienate and drive away Steemit members than has anything else.

These witnesses and members are truly the scum of the earth. They don't give a damn about Steemit beyond having the ability to abuse their power to manipulate the system to their own personal advantage, by making sure that the vast majority of Steemit members get nothing for their curator efforts, while at the same time filling their own corrupt and greedy pockets.

Now you are indeed at a crossroads here! So which side of the tracks are you on? Either you want Steemit to survive and will do all in your power to get rid of these assholes like @themarkymark, @buildawhale and those others mentioned above, or you will continue to allow their extremely abusive behavior, and see the total and absolute collapse of Steemit. The choice is yours to make. Either @themarkymark and his band of criminals go, or Steemit goes! Which is it? There are really no other options!

cc Ned Scott @ned
cc Justin Sun @justinsunsteemit


Good keeping my name out of it!

Games have rules.
Steem's rules say you get what we give you.

Try whaleshares if the downvote keeps touching your private parts, eh?
Or, produce better content.
Flags are, mostly, not personal.

I think this person might be "differently-abled"

Lol, certainly easily entertained.

"Steem's rules say you get what we give you."

And that is why Steemit's total demise is fast approaching. STEEMIT WILL NOT SURVIVE, and the STEEM coin will likely become totally worthless.

Keep posting, I wonder when marky will run out of downvotes.

He's not gonna run out, he has too much support on the platform.

Nobody likes the reapers, but other reapers.

Good point. @starworld is seriously depleting the reward-pool!!!

What the heck? I just got the reapers = firefly reference!!!

"I wonder when marky will run out of downvotes."

Indeed! Have you ever seen anyone before so messed up, and with such a vindictive nature? He sure takes top prize for that in my books. The man has absolutely no sense of reason or of fair play. He is a total asshole in every sense of the word. I'll bet he downvotes this reply to you within seconds after I hit the "Post" button.

See, less than 20 seconds for a downvote from the asshole @themarkymark.

His script must be getting heavy traffic,...

Yeah, yeah, steem is going to die.

Rpc nodes are 50usd a month, down from 600, i think we will persist.

I'd suggest you start putting out 'good' content and build an audience of willing supporters, but it doesn't seem that you have that much confidence in yourself.

"but it doesn't seem that you have that much confidence in yourself."

Oh I have a ton of confidence in myself. It is in Steemit that I have zero confidence, because it is primarily a platform based on fraud and deceit, whereby a select few at the very top of the pyramid reap all the benefits by cheating the vast majority of those at the bottom...yes, a true pyramid illegal ponzi.

FYI, I have filed complaints with both the FTC and the FBI which I know for a fact to be currently in the process of investigating Steemit. I would not at all be surprised to learn that fact had a big influence on @Ned rapid departure from Steemit. Remember Bernie Madoff?

Lol, good luck.
Burn all the witches!

Steem is open source software hosted on hundreds of servers across the world, i think we will be ok.

Your slave masters are losing their control.
Maybe you should join us on the dark side?
We got cookies, and steem!

"I'd suggest you start putting out 'good' content"

Good content? Steemit is not the place for "good" content. There is virtually no good content on Steemit. Serious authors will have absolutely nothing to do with such a cesspool as Steemit has clearly become, with its corrupt management, scumbag witnesses, stolen content and pornographic filth. About the only content you can find on Steemit now, is a hoard of photos and images, the vast majority of which have been stolen from other places on the Internet, and reposted here on Steemit. And the rest is nothing more than advertising from those trying to sell something. Serious "original" authors have either left Steemit long ago, or else are currently in the process of doing so, waiting for their Steem Power to be powered down.

As I've said before...Steemit is very quickly dying. There is no disputing that fact. The writing has been on the wall for over a year now. @Ned knew it, which is why he threw in the towel and sold out. What's left now is worth nothing, including a rapidly declining Steem coin. Sure, the Steem coin realized a positive bounce this psst week, or so. But that was to be expected as some saw the Tron takeover as being a positive thing. But make no mistake about it. Justin Sun does not care about Steemit. His only concern was to obtain the Steem Blockchain and its related applications. Justin #1 priority is to boost the value of Tron, not Steem and certainly not Steemit.

In any event, if Steemit had been run properly, the Steem coin would likely have been worth at least $10-$15 by now, but instead it is quickly nearly zero at just over $0.23 or so. Sadly, you have a handful of idiot witnesses like @themarkymark, and his band of thieves, who appear to have had more power than Steemits own management team, to thank for that. Ask @themarkymark how much he made from Steemit over the past 12 months by stealing from other members, while 99%+ of Steemit members never made a dime, yet did all the work. @themarkymark should be in prison! End of story!


Hey, i'm glad @ned is gone, too.
He didn't know his ass from a hole in the ground.

What kind of slave embraces his masters?
The kind that learn their language.

You could take a lesson.
Good party members adopt an attitude of hopeful optimism.
The trick is in choosing the right party.

So, power down, sell your tokens, and stfu, eh?

"Head of Communications and Advocacy for Steemit" - nice.

No another way with this management, bernie for president!!

Steemieshiansas... ahh fuck who cares I got my money.. see you later suckuzzzzz

All the fawning going on is unbelievable.

The unbelievable thing lies in the price that does not make sense

in ou language "Bhedas" :D

"Like sands through the hourglass, these are the days of our lives."

What is going to happen to the blockchain? Still decentralized, immutable, etc?

Like Steemians 🤭

Why are these sheep jumping :) Did you get any bad news?

Hi sir, Do you mean us who use Steemit?

Yes chief, mustered and ready to follow you.


Surprise! surprise!! lets wait and see what happens.

The sheep jumped into the pool of prizes they did not go 😁

I Hope steemit has surprises

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I think the steem shock is over.
The promo period has been done at the heyday, they did it to introduce Steemit to the world

Bitcoin maximalists 😱😱😱

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since steem and tron are working together, I am very curious about the next steem changes.

¿Worth perform a 'virtual' facepalm on this post @berniesanders?


Bernie, where are ya at? I miss your upvote

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In that case, I’m a black sheep. That’s fine by me. I like to think I don’t fit in, but stand out anyway.

Maybe not all is lost :)

I laugh to everyone who is saying but Tron have X amount of liquidity bla bla bla bla bla bla

Said good thing Such is our situation now.

We may as well all bow to the CCP. Idiots.

Hahaa, What else will happen in this situation now.

😂😂😂This is very sad. Such a situation we are now🤔🤔🤔

Steemit the Sheeple..

Stake is still stake, whether it's on Steemit or Partiko or whatever other platform.. we need to fork sooner than later

more like lemmings right?:D

Wasn't it, Steemitians? =P

!giphy slaughterhouse

giphy is supported by witness untersatz!

🎵 They're Steemit sheep
They're Steemit sheep
They believe everything that Stinc decrees 🎵

Who let the Sheep out... mehhhh mehhh

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Sad Truth 😭😭


Quite surefire.

Happy sheepians days

What was the last stuff that jumped off?

Hehehe that's me :D

Wait . . .

That's me :/

Their leader


Sheep to sheep.

Lemmings comes to mind at this point!

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I have not thought about that from this blog post alone, but I have played many Lemmings (DOS games) a lot on a Pentium 1, 133 MHz PC. There were MS-DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.11 on the PC. Good old times.

we'll be back in force

More like lemmings walking off a cliff. But I do appreciate the image

We should be grateful for everything, good or bad.

More like Justin Sunians!

You were quoted and mentioned in the following article:

I just hope it won't be like that..

!giphy sheep

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 2 months ago Reveal Comment

Rather hardfuck. :D
But this probably does not matter anymore, because this (the hardfork or the hardfuck, call it whatever you like) will probably not make any real changes. But we will see.