Seeded Wholemeal Bread

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How are you Steemians?

Today I am going to prepare seeded wholemeal bread!


You will need:


½ kg Bread Flour400 gr Wholemeal Flour
100 gr Thick Oats10 Almonds
25 gr Seed Mix (Sesame, Sunflower, Linen, Chia)Baking Powder
Olive OilSalt


  • Mix both types of flour and add a bit of salt.


  • Grind the almonds in a mortar and then add the seed mix and grind a bit more. Add this mix to the flour.


  • In a bowl add warm water, the baking powder and a tablespoon of olive oil. Beat with a fork and set aside for about 10 minutes.

  • Remember that when preparing dough or bread, patience is the most important factor of the whole process. You must wait to allow the yeast to work.


  • Pour the water into the bowl containing the flour and knead until the dough turns homogeneous.


  • Set the oven on high heat, wait about 30 minutes and then put your dough and cook it for about 25 minutes. You can check if it is well baked with a stick.


Bon Appétit!

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Very nice, upvoted and followed.

Thank you @freecrypto!

You're welcome.

Looked so delicious..

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That's nice, thank you!

This is awesome! Thanks for the recipe! I love anything homemade.