Food Here and Over There!

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With my son out of the country and taking a couple days off from my business for my Me-Stay-Cation I've tried cooking lighter and healthier meals. This dill pan fried chicken with cucumber and cream cheese sandwich was super filling yet not as heavy as my usual meals.
While my son is having Michelin star plates in Japan....
And expensive whiskey....
And rich brothy ramen...

I am having shrimp cocktail with garlicky vinegar dipping sauce and horseradish sauce lol My days have been super easy, I've been actually enjoying my. mornings caring for my chickens and dogs and now that my daughter took home her pug I feel so relaxed. It's been pleasant taking a little time to take it easy. I can get used to this lol
How have your days been?
May your home be filled with warmth, your pantry full and may you always have good health!
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Wow, something in your house isn't bright white, lol. Must be rough for your son... not cheap likely. Michelin meals are wild with all the pomp that goes into them. Worked a multi star restaurant when younger and worked back line on many such meals. Part of why I am a utility eater now, no need for dress up if the flavors rock.

Wow, I had no clue you were a “culinary type of guy”!!! That is truly amazing! My son has owned his own business since he was 17 (he’s in his mid 20’s now) and he is away in Japan for a month just living life imagine that! I wish I would have had his life he has now at that age lol but instead I paint everything white lol

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