Food Prep #1- Pasta

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The greatest Economic Crisis in world history is now underway. Those who are better prepared will be miles in front of the rest. Good preparation for the crisis involves not only sorting your financial affairs, but looking after your health and nutrition. Gold, silver and Cryptos are no good to you if you are too weak and unhealthy to think straight. You need to be up to this challenge, right?

In my Country, grocery shelves have been empty of several items in particular for weeks. As soon as shelves are restocked, they are empty again within hours. Items most in demand include toilet paper, pasta, rice and canned food. Lets talk about pasta today. There is pasta and pasta. Good quality pasta will be higher in protein than others. As much as twice the Protein will be in good quality Pasta compared to others. Check the back of the packet for the protein content before you buy . Protein will fill you up, and provide energy to your body for longer. You can skip a meal and still feel ok. Try to avoid too many Noodles, these are generally much lower in Protein than Pasta. To go with my pasta, i prepare a Bolognaise sauce, with beef mince and tomatoes in a large batch. Then i freeze it in smaller separate containers. Then all you have to do when you want a Pasta meal is thaw out and heat your sauce and boil your Pasta. You can also have it with Pesto sauce, plain Tomato sauce if you're vegetarian, or many other sauces. Top the meal with grated cheese.

Keep some frozen beef mince, and more tinned tomatoes, tomato paste, olive oil , garlic and salt for making more batches of sauce. I am lucky enough to have some Bay Trees in my area. Bay leaves add a lovely flavour to your Pasta sauce. For recipes, have a look here on on Steemit or elsewhere online. I keep a kerosene stove , just in case of electricity outage...with spare bottles of kerosene. This way you can cook your rice and pasta, tea and coffee etc. with no power. You should have enough food supplies to last a minimum of 2 to 3 months per person in case of a credit freeze, where shops, banks and atm's are closed and nothing is easily available.

Good preparation is your key to staying healthy in the difficult period ahead.


@ctrl-alt-nwo, After long time you come back to steem blockchain again. That's very happy news to this morning. Yeah...we have facing biggest global economic crisis in the world. Every countries affect this bad situation because Corona virus infection. Our schools and public places already closed and lot of roads seems empty. In fact, super market stocks finishing very quickly.
You explained much better about pasta.

Hi my friend. its good to see you are still here too. The virus is real, but its the excuse the the NWO will use for the crisis, not the real cause of it. We were heading for crisis, virus or not. They are printing 500 billion$ a day now to keep the big banks from going bankrupt. This must grow exponentially in order to keep the system afloat...i dont expect this to last much longer, before they bring in their next rotten plan....after the collapse, when people are so desperate they will accept anything to make it better.

Welcome back! I haven't seen you post in a while. I hope you are doing well and that your are ready for the next months to come. It's actually sad to see most of the people panicking. It actually sucks to see their greed coming in. Anyway, Thank you so much for sharing us some information about pasta.

You're really right about good preparation. I hope that you prepared well too.

May you have a wonderful day!

Thanks for the nice comment, its going to be interesting times coming up.

Hi @ctrl-alt-nwo.

Pasta, hmmm ... I'm glad you have good spice for that meat. I hope Enjoy it much. Greeting and blessing.

Despite the trying times, it’s great to see you back to posting on Steem!

Thanks mate, its good to be back. I have been very busy.

I can only imagine what has been consuming a large portion of your time. I am sure it was important, Steem is not an easy thing to step away from (it’s quite addicting even at its lowest points.)
Cheers 🍻

My business and preparing it for whats coming, thats what 's been keeping me busy.

🧐 Indeed daedal.


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Interesting, thanks !

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