Colorado Blueberries

in #food5 years ago

Found my first Colorado blueberry today, but instead of it being a wild wild berry: it was with trees and bushes between the sidewalk and the road.  


Image source: ME

Paint Art Life Love Peace Weed

My understanding is that most people, if not everyone, produces artistic content fluidly throughout their days.  

Whether or not that art is documented, complimented, or even seen, most things around you including you are art.

I have decided to spend my time working on art and for love & with less focus on working for money. 

I am so blessed to have GinGer, my partner and Service animal, by my side.

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Wow! best fresh fruit is what i love, i must plant a blueberries tree in my garden to enjoy the taste and a beautiful view, thanks for sharing and have a nice day

amazing you post