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RE: Kale, Plums, and Cherry Tomatoes

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Tasty, tasty!

My container tomatoes and sweet peppers are coming along but still a while before the first harvest.

I do love kale (particularly the Lacinato variety) and I've grown it several times but unfortunately it always becomes infested with aphids :(
Image by Ron van den Berg from Pixabay


Nice! Sorry about the aphids, though. Try getting a spray bottle, filling it with water and a small squirt of liquid dish soap. Spray that on the aphids and see if it keeps them off. Nurseries also has other natural pest sprays you can try with ingredients like garlic, neem or hot pepper in them.

I've tried making a garlic oil solution but it didn't seem to work. I've heard of the dish soap option but never tried that. Instead, I've opted to primarily just plant garlic and various herbs, which I use extensively for cooking and the added bonus is that no pests mess with it!