Breakfast is Number One Must Have Meal of the Day, Here Is My story Why You Should Eat

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Remembering my younger days, I was having this gastric. Sometimes, it can make me just collapse because of the pain.

I was 12 years old, living with my school teacher. I am their servant in the house. I woke up at 3 am or 4 to fetch water from the scary holes.

I was growing up super skinny, I skip many meals because there was nothing to eat.

Life was so hard back then for me. My parents died when I was so young. I went to many teacher's home to beg them to pay my school and I can stay with them and I will be there housemaid at a very young age until I was 18 years old.

When I was in college, I work in the restaurant washing dishes and serving beers in one of the small restaurant in Manila back 20 years ago.

I was growing up having trouble with gastric, I ignored it and it work.

One day, I was at work in Singapore, I collapse so sudden. Severe headache at that morning before I pass out and had meals but it did not ease the problem.

My gastric pain became severe and I was told with my doctor that it is not cancerous what I have but it will be if I am not looking after it.

My gastric trigger when I feel hungry or I am not eating meals on time. Meaning, even I am not hungry, I shall eat meals according to the time.

BREAKFAST, LUNCH DINNER and snacks in between.


Back then, I told myself that I need to change my eating habbit. I need to eat and enjoy every meals.

I hated eating breakfast, I would run to work with just had a cup of coffee. I was so afraid to gain weight.

I started eating breakfast and until I love to eat and eat often. I put on weight so sudden. No more gastric pain.

Because I was eating for the sake of eating to kill the gastric. In the end, it came back again. The pain that I had for a very long time came back.

I learn that eating the proper food plays a very huge rule in our body.
So today, I do not just eat any thing.


My breakfast often times comes in heavy. With eggs, bread or cereals, yogurt as well as fruits.
And never to miss a cup of coffee.
Basically, I try avoiding coffee as we get older, women should stop drinking coffee t avoid caffeine.

Part of my healthy eating, sort of.. hehehe... I exercise at least an hour a day if not more.

Since then many years now, I did not have that gastric attack, because I make sure I eat on time and consistent.

To you out there who do not like eating breakfast, you better eat your breakfast.

Happy sunday @everyone.

LOve... @ElvieLins