What do you crave the most when you just stay at home for months?

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During the movement control order, everyone was asked to stay at home, work from home, don't go out for not necessary activity, only essential such as grocery, clinic, pharmacy and etc are allowed to operate due to the pandemic. Soooo I practice cook a lot, delivery every meal doesn't work for me because 1st food delivery is expensive, 2nd need to think what to eat, 3rd when the food reach my place it is already cold, 4th am doing my best to make ends meet.

Me and my Hainan Coffee!

When the government announced that everything is going to open up, restriction lifted, and can dine in. I'm taking my sweet time to go out from my cave because the situation is like prison break, almost everywhere were packed during the weekend. I don't crave for any of these foods and drinks when I just stayed at home with my tea, but the moment get a green light can go out dine in. All of the sudden, I want to eat this, I want to eat that, am craving for a good coffee.😆😆

Hainan Coffee and Cham (Tea mixed with Hainan Coffee)

Hakka Food

I'm sooooo happy that I'm able to enjoy these foods, the closest taste of my hometown food. Definitely I'm coming back to this restaurant to enjoy other Hakka Food.


The egg tarts that melted in my mouth, definitely gonna buy this again.

Bread & half boiled eggs

My all time favourite breakfast, the last I had this was last year I think.

There goes all my diet, down the drain and gonna start eat healthy again this week. 😜


Hi hi Joanne wow.. looking at all the food makes me hungry.. especially they Hainanese coffee... 👍😀

Yooooo @luueetang. Haha kan... I'm also hungry while writing the post.

Hahaha the effect of seeing food.. but it's good that ur enjoying life.. 👍😀😀 have a great Wednesday.. 🍔🍔

Yea especially at this hour lol.. yeah enjoying drink and food. Have a fantastic Tuesday and Wednesday to you too!!

Good night.. hehehe.. 😀😀😀

You might crave when you see this !PIZZA on behalf of @savvyplayer! 😁

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